Consumer behaviour is changing – and fast! Gone are the days of consumers spending hours and weeks researching options. Decisions are being made in moments - micro-moments in fact.


These micro-moments are intent-driven moments of decision making that shape preferences. They occur throughout the entire consumer journey and are impacting the way in which we as marketers need to speak to the consumer.


As mobile phones become a totally immersive part of everyday life, we as an agency are seeing a fundamental shift in the way that people consume their media and process information they use for purchase decision making.


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On the 25th of October 2016, The Advertising and Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) hosted the third prestigious AMASA Awards ceremony at Montecasino in an evening of glamour and celebration of media excellence. The gala ceremony marks the end of another year of hard work, many months of sweat and tears, and puts a spotlight on the most innovative media campaigns from the past 12 months. The Roger Garlick Grand Prix overall award, brought to you by KAYA FM, was awarded to OMD for their “Love of Jazz” campaign for client, Standard Bank.

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New global study reveals resounding need for human touch in today’s digital first world.

Despite the rise in digital customer service channels and options, 79% of consumers prefer the human touch to remain a part of customer service when engaging with brands and service providers.

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With less than 400 000 African elephants left and one lost every 15 minutes of every day to ivory poaching, experts indicate that this majestic species will be extinct by 2030! To protect Africa’s heritage and further entrench their commitment to conservation, Amarula has joined forces with Kenyan-based conservation organisation WildlifeDirect, working closely with their CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu.

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The importance of annual leave for a healthy business

Studies show 53% of South Africans don't take their annual leave. SA may be a hard-working nation, but these religiously diligent habits have a downside.

Not all employees jump at the chance to take their annual leave for various reasons, including fear of falling behind at work or disappointing their manager. However, employees who take adequate time to rest make for a healthy business and taking leave should be encouraged. Nashua explores why, below:

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