The Brand Connection - Simons interview


Beginning by placing radio campaigns only in 2008, the Brand Connexion evolved to a brand activation agency. National Operations Manager Simon Milne outlines the company’s role.

Evolution by accident

“Some of our clients needed more than radio advertising,” says Simon. “We decided to attempt a promotion based on little knowledge and relied on external expertise.”

They partnered with a community radio station for a store promotion. “We provided all the necessary equipment and give-aways,” says Simon. “The DJ promoted the store and crossed live to the station. The number of people who visited the store during the four hour promotion – because of it, astounded us.”

The company approached a corporate gifting and large format print company, located in the same building, to form an association which would complement each business.

By October 2010 the two companies established a single entity and The Brand Connexion was born.

Unique offerings

“Our advantages are cost-effective solutions with fast production turn-around times and high quality control,” says Simon. The company has capitalised on its relationship with its 140 radio station clients countrywide. “They are able to reach a targeted LSM market, speak the language specific to an area and understand its residents.”

Campaign history

While all promotional campaigns are too many to mention, some include OK Furniture Store store openings; the Department of Human Settlements’ Womens Build; the Department of Education child registration; banks targeting rural communities; and FMCG goods.

Case study

Brand Connexion is contracted annually to generate local publicity for the Department of Human Settlements during its ‘Womens Build’ campaign in August each year.

The Department builds between 50 and 80 houses in a selected small community for women.

The Brand Connexion is tasked with publicising this event. High community launch attendance is a prerequisite.

  • Media use

Roaming journalists interview identified individuals. Local radio stations are issued with the package and can use it as they wish. It is used predominantly in local current affairs programmes. This, and press releases to community newspapers, creates awareness of the campaign and its rationale.

  • Giveaways

T-shirts, generally, and other branded memorabilia are given to builders and site visitors for awareness, visibility and post-event publicity.

  • Audio influence

Audio equipment allows the site director to communicate with builders, visitors and dignitaries.

  • Fan Van and hands on distribution

A Fan Van is used to canvass the community, on site and through the community. Announcements are made and flyers distributed, as well as door-to-door exposure.

The Fan Van is completely branded with the Department’s logo and ID. Sponsors logos are included.

Our task is simple – ‘to ensure the entire community is made aware of the who, what, why, when, where and how of Women’s Build, and to guarantee the best possible attendance on the day of the first house launch where government members and dignitaries are present.”

While the company does a portion of business with clients directly, the majority of business is gained through media agencies.

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