Media server

WATCHPAX is a stand-alone media server with Dataton’s WATCHOUT™ multi-display and scheduling software built in. It is housed in a 127mm x 1048mm black aluminium enclosure and can be rack-mounted or discretely installed at the rear of a flat-panel display.

The 5 000 member strong international trade association Infocomm International announces the CEO/Executive Director incumbent. His experience and expertise make him the ideal person to head this $40-million association.

When it comes to corporate annual awards ceremonies, each year is a challenge to have that ‘never to be forgotten’ event superseding the previous year’s. Rand Merchant Bank used Watchout to ensure synchronised displays for a colossal display with changing messages for an eight-hour period.

More than ‘just’ specialist technology

Implementing solutions in professional Audio Visual, entertainment technologies and related areas, integration is the name of the game. This, according to System Solutions General Manager Roger Feldman.The company imports and distributes entertainment technologies across the board from audio systems to audio visual displays, cinema equipment and digital signage.

“In our business two key words accurately describe the solution we offer our clients– control’and‘integration’,” says Roger. Control is the common platform used enabling all equipment to communicate with necessary components, and integration of this equipment is our forte.”