Three dimensional movies and billboards, holographics and augmented reality are no longer new. However, non-electronic 3D is bound to get attention, and message retention and spread from this medium should result in, well, ‘dimensional publicity’.

Rogue Brand Agency has played on the age-old privacy signal for those sharing accommodation. The classic ‘sock on the door’ sign has been transformed into a sexy statement that doubles up as a fashion accessory, marketing Durex through ‘privacy statements’ and via ‘walking billboards’.

The printing, labelling and sewing machine brand Brother has launched a tactical brand campaign leveraging the traveller market through Mango airlines. The campaign will see various on-board touch points utilised over a one year period.

Bidvest Bank is using Graffiti's branded metered cabs as one of the platforms in its 2013 World Currency Card advertising campaign.

A company manufacturing branded gazebos, banners, pop-ups and other marketing paraphernalia, Portable Shade, has launched an aluminum banner frame.

They are available in single or double sided variants; in wall mounted and free-standing units; and can be digitally printed onto washable fabrics.

Sizes can be customized.

*Additional information from, or phone 012 372 0120.