Frank Knight - Chief Executive at Debtsource

Where your business’ accounts are concerned, profit and cash-flow are key financial measurements. However, many business owners aren’t aware that they are not directly linked, nor are they both equal measures of success.

Bongani Nhlapo

In line with the company’s impressive growth trajectory in the last few years, 21stCentury has announced an evolution in its organisational design offering by engaging an industry expert Bongani Nhlapo and ramping up its offering to a fully comprehensive organisational development division.  This cements the organisation’s 40% market share in the REM in South Africa and reinforces its position as one of the largest remuneration consultancies in Africa.

Next generation of entrepreneurs gets a hand up at Small Business Expo

South Africa’s most innovative junior entrepreneurs will again gain exposure to the real world of business, when Eskom’s Simama Ranta finalists participate in the Small Business Expo in Johannesburg.

1Life survey finds South Africans understand savings, but struggle to ‘get by’

A survey undertaken by 1Life, during National Savings Month in July, has brought forth the dire reality around South Africans’ spending habits. While 99% of consumers surveyed realise the importance of savings, 54% of them save less than 5% of their monthly income, citing the main reason as not earning a high enough salary (79%). Further to this, results show that, while the importance of saving is understood, a high number of consumers are reliant on credit to merely ‘get by’ each month.

Tough times no reason not to start a business

Following a technical recession in Q1, and with slow economic growth forecast, South Africa can expect tough economic times ahead. But this is no reason not to start a new business, says Nedbank.

Kgaugelo Maphai, Johannesburg MD

South Africa’s vastly divergent make up of cultures means that we cannot assume to know everything about our fellow South Africans. By learning more about each other, we evoke a greater sense of peer to peer understanding, more beneficial communication and we can collect vital insights into different cultures. These insights can be used not only on a personal level but for businesses and marketers to correctly engage with their target markets.

Terence Williams, CEO of Aon South Africa

As South Africans grapple with what the real implications are of South Africa’s sovereign downgrade, several other economic and political developments both locally and around the world will further impact how risk mitigation and insurance is managed in a post-downgrade economy.  

Atisha Gopichund - Finding the balance between work and home

Embrace your femininity, understand the power of leadership and find a healthy work-life balance. Atisha Gopichund is a wife, mother and business woman working in the construction sector, and this is her philosophy.

Donna Rachelson, Seed Engine CEO, incorporating Seed Academy and the WDB Seed Fund

Youth entrepreneurship, access to funding and markets remain key challenges

More impactful business development support that provides entrepreneurs with robust business basics is needed to increase small business success rates, while a decline in youth owned businesses has emerged as cause for concern given South Africa’s dire unemployment figures.

South Africa’s reputation has improved as perceived by “G8” countries and South Africans

Brand South Africa welcomes the news that South Africa is ranked 45th out of the 71 countries measured in the 2017 Country RepTrak® study conducted by Reputation House. This year the country moves 4 places up, scoring 55.1 points (out of a possible 100), versus the 49.2 points in 2016, which gave it a rank of 49th.

Social entrepreneur, Ramona Kasavan, is committed to helping girls and women in some of South Africa’s poorest areas empower themselves. This mission began in earnest in 2013 when she founded the country’s first and only black female-owned sanitary pads company, Mimi Women (formerly Happy Days), and began a massive sanitary pads drive.

Leon Ayo, chief executive officer of Odgers Berndtson Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent appointments of South Africa’s seasoned and well-known CEOs in South Africa raises questions as to what factors are possibly influencing board decision making and whether internal processes such as succession planning are working effectively, according to Leon Ayo, chief executive officer of Odgers Berndtson Sub-Saharan Africa.