Sunu creates African superhero themed follow-up to Absolut’s Cannes Gold-winning One Source campaign

Egg Films’ Sunu directed Africa On Fire, NativeVML’s follow-up to the Cannes Gold-winning Absolut One Source campaign. Africa On Fire has already been featured on leading international trade publication Shots.

Blacksmith Collective forges relationship with Tribeca Public Relations

Blacksmith Collective has appointed Tribeca Public Relations as its PR and communications partner, after a successful initial project made the company realise the potential that an ongoing relationship with the Tribeca team could achieve.

Secrets of a successful agency: Recipe for success from a local and international perspective.

Attracting new business is an ongoing pursuit for successful communication agencies around the globe, and the Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS) is unveiling secrets to success from a local and international perspective.

Ferdie Bester, founder of ClickMaven

The world’s biggest boutique agency, Jellyfish, has just expanded its footprint in South Africa following the recent acquisition of ClickMaven. With its roots in Durban since 2005, this strategic step is in line with Jellyfish’s plans to bring quality digital services to the whole South African market.

Alison free education phenomenon gains momentum in SA

With 93% of the world excluded from formal tertiary education, the system has to change, says visiting CEO

With over 100,000 enthusiastic learners in South Africa, and plans to launch local learning centres and a new mobile app, international free online learning platform Alison is rapidly gaining ground in South Africa.

Street Network’s largest three-month campaign drives Opel brand promise

Following the announcement that General Motors was withdrawing the Opel brand from its production facility in Port Elizabeth, the vehicle manufacturer embarked on a communication campaign to reassure consumers of its commitment to the brand and that it still offered services in the country.

Finally, marketing has its crystal ball

This is what we know. We are living in a hyper-connected, digital world where machines are talking to other machines. But, it is after all still a human planet. So here’s the important bit: the driving force to integrate the machine world into the human word is artificial intelligence; in short AI.

Uber goes local, with their first ‘Above the line’ campaign

Grey Advertising is proud to announce Uber’s first South African locally produced TVC and radio spot campaign, which went live from Monday, 13 November 2017.  The concept centred on Freedom. The campaign brings to life the occasions when we just don’t want to be troubled by the hassle of driving ourselves to an outing which requires us to be free.  The ads capture the comedically irrational relationships between South Africans and their cars.

Adam Dembovsky, the CEO of Innovation Factory

The new year is almost upon us: budgets have been planned and exhibition calendars booked.

The time is now to strategise how your display will stand out from the crowd.

Innovation Factory, a leading award-winning interior construction and exhibition stand design company, have put together a list of the hottest exhibition trends forecast for the forthcoming year to ensure that your business will own the exhibition space in 2018.

Leigh Franks is the Marketing Executive of Cape Town Tourism

It’s both remarkable and somewhat disconcerting how marketing has evolved over the last two decades. The ever-changing digital landscape has everything to do with this, sometimes it feels like you just can’t keep up.

Vincent Magwenya, is a Founder and CEO of Conversations Media and Communications, a Reputation and Strategic Communications firm.

Black Friday has come and gone, with popular consumer products ranging from food items, electronic devices and to furniture items flying off the shelves at bargain prices. The retail phenomenon traces its growing popularity to the United States merchants of the 1980s, who recorded their sales profits accrued on the day after Thanksgiving, by highlighting them in black ink which contrasted the red ink that was used to show financial losses that were often suffered throughout the whole year until the beginning of the holiday season. Thus, Black Friday marked the beginning of the period retailers will no longer be in the red.

Dale Hefer, award-winning marketer, author and spokesperson for the Integrated Marketing Communications Conference 2018

If you think that ‘disruptive marketing’ is just another jazzy phrase designed to sell new marketing products and is something that you, as a marketer and business owner, have no need to consider, think again.  Marketing has mutated from a consistent and fixed set of methodologies into a network of variable, flux-driven, interactive and iterative processes.  Failure to engage in this new approach could have a considerably negative impact on your customer retention and market share.

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