Some important facts about agencyScope 2017 South Africa ahead of presentations to subscribing agencies in November.

Cesar Vacchiano, Global CEO and co-Founder of Scopen will be arriving in South Africa on 7 November for a three week schedule of agency presentations for Scopen agencyScope 2017.  Ahead of that visit, he has shared a few very important facts: 

Bianca Quinn-Diavastos is the Managing Director of the Digital Marketing agency Jetweb – “Digital on Demand.”

Statistic show that, in South Africa, Social media is an effective way to build your brand. According to the World Wide Worx report from 2016, the biggest growth year-on-year was Instagram, whilst the daily users on Facebook are just short of 8 million. 

ProActive™ Campaign drives positive engagement for Halls

Being in the right place at the right time forms the cornerstone for the kind of experiential marketing strategy that ensures campaign success. This was an integral part of a campaign recently implemented by ProActive™ for Halls. Strategized by Saatchi and Saatchi, the creative concept pushed the brand message “Own the Moment”, with a focus on the Red Cherry and Fruit Burst flavours.

Preparing students for the complex world of ‘adulting’

Ask almost any young graduate about the experience of taking their first big steps into the real world after completing their studies, and they will probably tell you that they were “never ready”. Along with paying rent and learning how to do a tax return, starting a new career can be challenging, and entering the job market with no idea of what to expect makes the ‘adulting’ process a lot more difficult.

Provantage Media Group’s Airport Ads® Launches Visionet™ at Lanseria

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is becoming increasingly popular within airport environments – according to Airport World magazine, it now accounts for between 20% and 40% of sales at large international airports[i]. The global trend towards making use of this highly effective advertising medium points to its relevance and immediacy – and luxury brands are particularly excited by the possibility of reaching travellers poised to shop in the ‘third space’ that airports have become.

Rebone Masemola - Kantar Added Value South Africa's Brand Project Manager

Just over 75% of marketers of the African continent don’t believe that brands on the continent are marketing effectively to African women, and 70% of these marketers say their own marketing efforts don’t strongly resonate with that target market.

Local newspapers – an impactful way to connect with the vast emerging market

Consumers want to be informed about what is happening close to home, which is why local newspapers are still the central platform for this type of news. Caxton Local Media invests in 141 local newspapers that act as a community mouthpiece, bringing relevant information to the surrounding communities.

Email Marketing Growing in Importance for SA Brands & Companies

A new Everlytic report reveals the powerful role of email marketing in SA business.

With all the hype around social media as the new darling of marketing, it turns out that a less sensationalised platform is arguably the real star. According to, email marketing has grown at about 83% worldwide over the past two years, placing it amongst the fastest growing marketing channels, along with video advertising and text messaging.

Phygital: The New Retail Marketing Playground

The brand retail space has changed.  Once customers searched for a product, now the product has to try hard to seduce the customer; and we don’t just want to play and pay online. There’s a new phygital consumer who demands both a digital and physical brand experience. Retail Futurist, Howard Saunders, whose talk The Future is Scary inspired this article, explains the shift: “Ultimately, we are an innately social species that craves community, human contact and engaging spaces.”

IAS Marketers Digital Landscape

Digital Landscape Overview - South Africa and Globally
If a fully integrated digital agency with creative, strategic and production capabilities is what marketers are looking for in South Africa,* how should a marketer be certain to find what they need in the current, complex digital agency environment?

Join us as we demystify the digital landscape in South Africa, explain the variety of digital offerings available, do some comparisons internationally and include insights from three digital “gurus”

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