The first-ever BMW M Festival in South Africa attracts just under 20,000 visitors at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.

  • Just under 20,000 visitors experience the BMW M Festival.
  • The All-New BMW X3 M40i, BMW M5 and BMW M4 CS have their local premiere.
  • Over 2,000 people test drive and experience BMW models on the Kyalami circuit.
  • Large number of BMW M and BMW M Performance models sold at the biggest BMW M Festival pop-up dealership.
  • BMW M4 DTM racing car amazes visitors.
  • Some of South Africa's leading DJs entertain festival goers.

Helping connected consumers to navigate your path to purchase

South African consumer brands, like their counterparts in other parts of the world, face an uphill battle in meeting the growing expectations of their customers. They operate in a world where consumers continually want more convenience, more choice, lower prices and a better experience.

Adam Dembovsky, CEO of Innovation Factory

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent the majority of your time in a client meeting not detailing what would work and what strategic direction to take, but rather convincing your client why they should believe what you’re saying and trust your expertise. There seems to be a current climate of deep distrust of experts. But why do people trust some experts and reject others? On one hand, the advice of medical experts is never up for debate, but why is there immediate distrust for the sentiments of economists, climatologists, designers and the like?

New Showmax ad captures how we all share a love of stories

Star Films’ Jonathan Parkinson directed the heart-warming new Showmax ad about a grandfather trying to connect with his granddaughter, written by Showmax’s creative team. 

2018 IMC Conference announced

Evaluate. Consolidate. Integrate – 2018 IMC Conference announced

Every day your team delays using innovative new marketing solutions, you’re losing competitive edge. If that makes you panic a little, great. It’s time to get your team on its toes and prepared to embrace and integrate the plethora of ever-evolving options and channels available to marketers.

Peter Langschmidt

At this year’s PDRF (Publishing & Data Research Forum) in Madrid, the PRC’s (Publisher Research Council) Peter Langschmidt took top honours for South Africa when his presentation, entitled “The Reading Revolution. React, Reposition, Recalibrate” was judged to be the symposium’s best presentation out of all those submitted from around the world.

From Left: Camilla Clerke Creative Director Hellocomputer, Nthabiseng Lethoko Associate Creative Director Hellocomputer, Mike Barnwell Chief Creative Officer for both Hellocomputer and FCB Cape Town

In a move that will strengthen the integrated offering from FCB Africa’s agencies in the Western Cape, Hellocomputer has appointed a new Chief Creative Officer and Associate Creative Director.

Making history at the BMW M Festival.

It’s official, history was made. The first-ever BMW M Festival in South Africa in partnership with G&G productions was the largest in the world – with 20 000 BMW M fans in attendance. If you were there, you were also the first to catch a glimpse of the all-new BMW M5 and the BMW X3 M40i.

Transit Ads outlines new Taxi Branding Regulations

Shamy Naidu, Executive of out of home transit environment specialist Transit Ads™ outlines the new taxi advertising regulations as recently gazetted by the South African Department of Transport.

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