US-based Exceptional 3D has announced that its autostereoscopic 3D digital signage technology has been deployed as part of nine different 3D networks in 600 locations and counting across the US.

Interactive storefront could redefine window shopping

Window shopping just got a new meaning with the latest technology implemented by Adidas. A six-week pilot is taking place at the Adidas NEO Label in Nuremberg, Germany, in which the storefront window was replaced with a fully functioning virtual store with life-size products.

With acknowledgements to Gigaom, authored by Om Malik.

Adidas is experimenting with a ‘virtual store’ making use of giant screens in a six-week experimental campaign in Nürnberg, Germany. Om Malik of Gigaom outlines the basics.


Primedia In store services 10 000 retail outlets from the top-end (higher LSM market) through the spectrum to 11 000 outlets at the lower end of the LSM scale. The company invests in research tools to better understand shopper behavior.