Will the real Content Marketers Please Stand Up?
By Lucinda Boddy, managing director of Livewired Public Relations


A few years ago I was having a chat with a close family friend, who also happens to run one of the world’s leading creative advertising agencies from his base in New York City. As we were chatting, this high-powered advertising CEO explained that he really believes that Content Marketing is the next big thing in the marketing world – he was sure of it and excited about this next step, explaining how it would work to give brands the kind of inherent, sustained relationships with customers that they’ve all been seeking.

Re-invention is the key to business success. It requires the evolution of years of expertise within an ever-changing market to compete for a potential consumer’s attention and spend. On 8 May 2013, the successful TollReach – a pioneer in reaching a moving but captive audience - will evolve into AutoReach to grow the footprint of in-car marketing.

The AMASA (Advertising Media Association of South Africa) free presentation tomorrow (06 March) to be held in Sandton features a presentation on penetration of our country’s print and digital media.

Hudlr, a data visualisation tool provides businesses with detailed demographics in any location around South Africa has been developed by Amorphous, a Times Media Group company.

It’s no secret that ‘celebrities sell’. People remember campaigns and brands involving celebrities. A celebrity/brand association can go a long way to a campaigns success and influence the outcome. Checkers has taken the bull by the horns and had its meat section endorsed by one of the world’s most famous ‘infamous’ food and food service critics.

ROOTS is research commissioned by Caxton Printers & Publishers and conducted by TNS Research Surveys. It is aimed at assisting marketers in understanding South Africa’s urban buyers. The following article on ROOTS 2013 research was initially submitted to Marketingsite. We reproduce a summarised version for readers’ interest.

Biatain, a company specialising in wound dressing products, selected a custom-made pocket-sized PocketMedia Z-Card as the medium to distribute a Coloplast sample, product information and business card.