AutoReach: Hotting up to hit the road

Re-invention is the key to business success. It requires the evolution of years of expertise within an ever-changing market to compete for a potential consumer’s attention and spend. On 8 May 2013, the successful TollReach – a pioneer in reaching a moving but captive audience - will evolve into AutoReach to grow the footprint of in-car marketing.

Broadening the scope of years of groundbreaking, on-the-road promotions and distribution as TollReach, AutoReach will continue to access a unique LSM that has the mindset, mobility and means advertisers are looking for. Says AutoReach CEO Theo Meintjies: “With almost a quarter of a century of experiencein accessing this LSM at toll plazas, AutoReach will now also be setting up hot spots at filling stations, popular holiday refreshment stops, concerts and festivals.                              Happy Client 2Happy Client 2

“Our expertise in logistics, packing, labeling and distribution, along with our skills and technology to create a paper trail for every client is well known in the industry, and we expect our expansion to give our clients even greater opportunities for messaging.”

Over the December 2012/January 2013 holiday period, AutoReach (then TollReach) delivered more than 6 million items to travelers around South Africa. But the company’s key objective goes far beyond advertising – it’s about “Surprise and Delight”, says Meintjies - with trained distribution jockeys who capture the attention of drivers and passengers and offer branded items that keep vehicle occupants entertained on their travels.

Jockey 1Jockey 1“Mass media can become ‘wallpaper’,” Meintjies asserts, “with brands fighting for the consumer’s attention. AutoReach uses the ‘power of boredom’ to connect with consumers as they travel long distances. In helping our clients to create relevant giveaways and messaging, we’re not just giving the audience a message – we’re showing them.” AutoReach believes that this “I care for you” messaging is what has made the platform so successful over so many years.

Cindy Gonsalves of Mindshare says past campaigns have proved successful for her company, with service they found to be professional, efficient and prompt. “The team goes the extra mile and always seeks and provides solutions. We are happy with their work and plan to use them for campaigns in future.”

Having not missed a major holiday promotional opportunity as TollReach since 1989, AutoReach will continue to operate at toll plazas on the Estcourt, Middleburg and Colesburg routes; and will also continue to support the Johannesburg Council for the Disabled by partnering with the organisation for packaging promotional merchandise. Jockeys and supervisors have undergone the necessary training in safety, security and motivation and brands are assured of making an impact from the point of jockey hand-out onwards. Feedback reports are supported by statistics, photographs and analysis, and AutoReach is now able to run a full time marketing operation, year round. AutoReach Photo shootAutoReach Photo shoot
AutoReach will continue to provide the enthusiasm and flexibility that TollReach offered, that assures clients that nothing is too small to deliver – or create an impact. “Clients are guaranteed of distribution down to the very last item, using the AutoReach technology combined with traffic counters and MICROS figures,” says Meintjies “Getting our clients’ messaging to travelers is a carefully orchestrated event in every instance. What the traveler sees is the ‘Surprise and Delight’ element; what the client sees is the results.”


Did you know . . .

·    Over the December 2012/January 2013 holiday period, AutoReach delivered more than 6 million items to travellers around South Africa.

·   Trained distribution jockeys capture the attention of drivers and passengers and offer branded items which keep vehicle occupants entertained on their travels.

·    AutoReach helps clients create relevant giveaways and messaging which don’t tell consumers that they care, but show them. When long-distance boredom takes its toll, AutoReach gets road travellers talking and touching your brand.

      AutoReach employs over 150 jockeys during peak distribution periods and many have found permanent employment
with the company

Some 350 disabled people are empowered by JOCOD’s partnership with AutoReach to collate materials and pack goodie bags.

For more information please contact: Kristen Wohlberg, Sales & Marketing Executive, Tel: 011 478 5477, Website:



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