Primedia's TLC - Hair and beauty salons new ad platform

Primedia’s TLC now offers advertisers space in hair and beauty salons.

TLC has launched the first stage of its salon media advertising and communication platforms in hair and beauty salons.

Range of ad platforms

Current advertising platforms in this newly identified medium include mirror decals, indoor lightboxes and the ability to activate within the salon.

 Medium strength

Group MD Brett Tucker says the strength of the medium stems from the close relationship between consumers and their hairstylists. “Hairstylists can also be particularly beneficial to advertisers as a brand advocate within a salon using word of mouth."

Targeted audience

On average, people spend up to three hours in salons. While there, these consumers could be considered a captive audience in a similar manner to people sitting in a movie theatre.

Phase II

The next phase of the business is the rollout of digital screens in salons.

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