Andrew Smith, Editor.
Editors Note - Andrew Smith


Welcome aboard! Thank you for joining us on our maiden voyage as we embark on a course to navigate through a sea of ideas, possibilities, expectations, ingenuity and development.

Craig’s interview explains the rationale behind the publication so I will not belabour the point.

However, I would like to reiterate that Adcomm Media is about manufacturers’ of materials and mediums (and service providers) to the advertising and marketing industries. Our focus is on new developments, enhancements, idea implementation and technologies.

Is there a need for such a publication? We firmly believe so. There is no doubt that all agencies have preferred suppliers and cherish their existing relationships. After all, rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t. That said, we have encountered suppliers who operate under the radar. You may even use products or elements in your campaigns without being aware of the original provider.

Input welcome

Imperative for us is your feedback. Criticism of any nature is welcome. If you feel that one or more of our articles belong on ships from days gone by that carried cargo marked with the acronym representing‘Store High In Transit’, please let us know. However, rationale behind your opinion is vital if we are to take your criticism seriously – and to task. Suggestions are welcome too. Anything that will enableAdcom Mediato better perform its objective will assist us in providing you with the necessary information to roll-out effective, quality, high return on investment campaigns.

Evolution is a necessary and important component to any venture, new or mature. Our evolution will be based on industry feedback from the industry we represent and you, our readers.

Creating interest

The aim is to bring you information in a succinct, quirky, and easy-to-read and digest format. Done in a way that will spark and retain your interest and increase your awareness of the diversity of products and services available to you.

In this issue we introduce a number of companies, some known by you, others perhaps not. A few involve case studies; others pertain purely to product information, while several encapsulate certain companies’ behind the scenes operations.

We do, intermittently, provide articles that are not necessarily industry specific. However, they are business orientated and we hope that you will find them informative. We’re sure that, digested by the right readers, these articles will benefit your agency. 

Innovative announcements

Adcom Mediais proud to be the first medium to announce a unique new brand awareness product pioneered by Safe n Dry. We reveal a method which has been introduced enabling marketers to keep tabs on mobile billboards. A third example is a product intended for increased brand awareness using consumers’ cellular handsets.

‘Going green’ is becoming easier thanks to a company specialising in the production of unique corporate gifts; while a piece on augmented reality indicates progressive change in the use of most advertising mediums.

We also provide an OHMSA member’s view of developments in the out-of-home industry.

Across the industry

We have attempted to bring you a spread of companies whose ultimate aim is provide the necessary components enabling marketers, advertisers and promoters to consolidate campaigns that achieve results.

We know that, for this edition, we have only touched the surface of an industry whose artefacts are seen on a daily basis, but not necessarily recognised as the original provider.

Welcome toAdcom Media!


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*About Adcomm:

Adcomm is an advertising and marketing supplier focused digital and print magazine. Aimed at helping SME's, Corporate companies, Advertising agencies and Government related departments increase their Brand awareness and aid in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

We are here to help businesses find relevant advertising communication and marketing suppliers easily and effectively. Naturally while also showcasing these suppliers' ideas and products.

Although we are just getting started and are relying more on PR companies at the moment. We would like to bring you more news, opinions and insights from our actual suppliers relating to advertising and marketing communication. Once they have finally become more accommodating with their opinions and insights.

We cover a very broad spectrum of suppliers from Digital: Web design, Web Development, Animation, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, SMS Marketing etc. Outdoor (OOH): Branding, Vehicle Graphics, Signage, Billboards etc. Events Companies: Companies setting up, catering for and offering events, including venues etc. Audio Visual, Staging, Packaging, Voice over artists/services, Video production, Film Production, Printing, Exhibitions, Displays and more much more.

For more information please contact us on 011 075 3817 or alternatively This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..