31 August 2017



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31 August 2017


Everything you should need for your marketing & advertising from printers, caterers, venue hire, branding, copywriting and more.

Primedia Unlimited’s Bionic rewarded by Facebook

“Bionic is a platform designed to manage and automate online advertising spend. It works with companies to extract customer insights from the data they already have. At the same time, Bionic leverages Facebook’s Offline Conversions API to measure in-store transactions as they occur—tying companies’ digital ad efforts to offline shopping behaviours such as purchases and coupon usage,” said Facebook Marketing Partners in a statement.

Hannah Robbins, Cultural Insight team in the UK.

Top 4 ways to win with archetypes on Instagram

Using archetypes is one of the strongest methods of building your brand’s personality, but visualising this though Instagram content can be difficult as people can see you brand aesthetic at a glance. If it is even slightly fragmented, they are inclined to find your brand personality inauthentic.  But some brands are totally owning their Instagram archetypes, expressing their distinct voice in culture and building an authentic visual style.

SPARK Media extends reach of ROOTS data beyond agencies

Through BMi Research and a bespoke software programme Storyteller by SPARK Media, the reach of ROOTS data can now extend to researchers, strategic, creative and marketing departments of any corporate organisation.

Outdoor Network’s burning billboard keeps it legal

Clearly visible in a prime location, the Johannesburg billboard’s special effects are entertaining and educating a highly sought-after audience for the week of 21-25 August, as part of BATSA’s broader ‘Keep It 100’ campaign.

Marketing in a Technical Recession

So what does happen in the mind of the consumer, or the shopper, during a tough economic period? They look for value. In this regard, brands need to really up their game plan if they want to affect purchasing decisions within a retail environment.

South Africa’s township residents are driven by a sense of social duty and a deep-rooted cultural heritage

The research – drawn from face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of 1,000 South Africans – reveals that township consumers attach a high importance to social responsibility. They aim to help themselves in a way that will help their neighbours and peers at the same time.


LDL Marketing

LDL Marketing offers you a full in-house service from signage all the way through to promotional items, gifts and corporate clothing. They will deliver anywhere.

Nahon, Feldman & Associates cc

Independant financial advisors.


Adapt has innovative Mobile vending solutions & Event branding equipment.


As the name implies - From business cards, leaflets, letterheads, company profiles, posters and folders all the way through to promotional items as well.

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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
                                                              ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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