Uber challenges South Africans to use their freedom to move

Wouldn’t you like the freedom to live your life without always being tied down to your car?

This is the question Uber in South Africa poses in its festive season campaign, conceptualised by Grey Advertising. While freedom is just a tap away, the choice to leave their cars at home does not come easily to many South Africans.

This is because we live in a car-crazy culture. We go everywhere in our cars. We give them names. We love spending time in them. But, as the campaign suggests, every relationship needs space. No matter how much you love your better half, sometimes you just need a little freedom to do your own thing.

Kate Owen, SSA Strategy and Campaign Lead says, “This year’s festive season campaign is driven by our insights into the South African rider culture. Many of our customers don’t rely on public transport alone, and often come from households with one or two cars. While the need for Uber over this time of year is clear, we as South Africans sometimes find it hard to break old habits.”

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The cars in the festive season adverts take their owners on a guilt trip, but the owners are stronger. They understand that the encumbrance of taking their car along just isn’t worth it. They don’t have time to navigate the traffic, find parking, or spend their office not celebrating with their colleagues.

They choose freedom. Freedom to celebrate. Freedom to finish a presentation. Freedom not to worry about petrol. Freedom to dream. Of course we love our cars, and there are many occasions to use them, but at these times, taking an Uber makes infinite sense.

Kate adds, “Since the campaign went live on 13 November, we have had a really positive response. Everyone can identify with these characters and situations.”

The TV and online videos show the irrational relationship people have with their cars, which has seen high engagement in people sharing stories of their own. The billboards and display ads show images of what freedom looks like from the backseat.

The radio campaign has got listeners involved, asking people to send in their ideas of all the creative things they could get done #InAnUber, that they wouldn’t want to get done in a car. Suggestions have covered everything from getting last Christmas present wrapping done to playing 30 Seconds. This interactive campaign is supported by adverts that paint a vivid picture of how nightmarish certain situations are with a car.

“Uber is about more than simply getting a ride home, it’s about solving a problem. In the case of the festive season, it’s about giving our riders the freedom they wouldn’t usually have with their cars. By highlighting these challenges and posing a solution, we are helping South Africans have a smoother, freer festive season,” says Owen.

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