Uber goes local, with their first ‘Above the line’ campaign

Grey Advertising is proud to announce Uber’s first South African locally produced TVC and radio spot campaign, which went live from Monday, 13 November 2017.  The concept centred on Freedom. The campaign brings to life the occasions when we just don’t want to be troubled by the hassle of driving ourselves to an outing which requires us to be free.  The ads capture the comedically irrational relationships between South Africans and their cars.

“This campaign is not a global one that was localised, it was uniquely conceptualised and executed here in South Africa by GREY Africa,” says GREY Advertising’s Chief Creative Officer (COO) Fran Luckin. 

There are various anxieties that come with being a car owner, from traffic to a lack of parking and wanting to responsibly enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends. For these moments, Uber offers you freedom at a tap. The adverts depict the moment where people break the news to their cars, that this time, they unfortunately cannot not come with them, followed by buckets of reassurance of a reunion.

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Take a look at the Ad’s below: