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Anyone that owns a social media channel will know that increasing followers or getting more subscribers can be a huge challenge.

Well, Ross McIlroy is supremely proud to have reached 200k subscribers for the brand on its YouTube channel.

Following this awesome achievement He has initiated a fantastic incentive for lockdown. is dropping it’s very first ever dedicated car series on YouTube. So that all South Africans can watch for FREE. Without paying for any streaming service and best of all…

The channel is enabling monetisation, so that all money made from YouTube – from now until the end of the year will go into a worthwhile cause. As things stand Ross says that it looks like the proceeds will go into the solidarity fund. But, as things change over the next 8 months this may change. 

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“Essentially we want to put it into the places where it is needed most as the pandemic evolves”. 

To date, we have already supported various channels (as below):

“Over this period (circa 6 years) we haven’t turned on advertising so as to isolate and protect our brand, but we thought it worthwhile to do it now in service of the country. As indicated, all proceeds will be donated to a worthwhile cause over and above that which we have already donated (outlined below).

Last week we also donated R700K to the Solidarity Fund, R300K to Food forward SA and R250K to Shout4Masks to help address the situation in South Africa. The split was determined as we wanted to help the government, the front-line medical workers and the vulnerable through this tough period” concludes Ross.

You can subscribe to the carsdotcoza channel by following this link:

Watch the first ever weekly episode of the show by following this link:

New episodes go live every Thursday at 8pm!