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Ster-Kinekor Sales has signed an agreement with Tsogo Sun to manage and sell advertising inventory for cinemas in Monte Casino, Silverstar, Gold Reef City Casino, Hemingways and Riverside Mall. The agreement will be effective from the 27th March 2020.

Formerly known as Cinemark, Ster-Kinekor Sales has been South Africa’s leading cinema sales house for nearly half a century, further cementing its status by winning the Most Award for Cinema every year for four consecutive years. The MOST Awards recognise excellence in the media industry, meaning that Ster-Kinekor has repeatedly been recognised as the best of the best in its field for quality of service delivery, knowledge and innovation.

With the addition of the Tsogo Sun cinemas, Ster-Kinekor Sales will be set to provide brand managers, media agencies, brands and direct clients with even more exciting opportunities to engage a diverse cinema audience. Cinema has numerous strengths that make it a valuable part of an effective campaign: It delivers on impact, high recall and audience engagement, and offers a captive and undistracted audience, resulting in a 90% completion rate. Cinema also allows for a high level of targeting, singling out specific locations, gender and ages, making it an excellent means to reach “niche” groups.

The huge correlation between moviegoers and mall goers and casino patrons, means that it presents an excellent means to keep a brand top of mind within the retail environment, with a wealth of opportunities for effective integration with OOH and other retail media within the mall. And, despite the continual influx of new platforms for movie consumption, cinema has not only kept its place, but continues to grow steadily year on year, worldwide.

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All of which makes cinema a formidable and increasingly cost-effective solution. “Cinema complements other media, rather than competing with them. Its status as a powerful, targeted, high-impact media experience with a highly responsive audience, means that its value to a campaign continues to grow,” says Motheo Matsau, deputy CEO for Ster-Kinekor Theatres.

“This agreement with Tsogo Sun further expands our range of venues and audiences, so that our ability to offer a platform for targeted, quality, creative expression to campaigns is greater than ever before.”

“It’s an exciting partnership, two great entertainment brands collaborating for mutual benefit,” says Helen Stewart, Director of Marketing – Gaming for Tsogo Sun. “We knew from the start that this dynamic team was a good fit with ours and we look forward to working together, as they say, stronger together!”