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Tue, Apr 20, 2021
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Quantum computers and the cybersecurity risks they pose to South African businesses

Round-the-clock advancements in technology are reshaping business operations across the globe. However, businesses should think carefully about the possibilities and impact of transformative technologies...
Andrew Bourne from Zoho

Zoho One: The tech behind Quicket, Africa’s largest ticketing platform

Zoho Corporation's customer, Quicket, following its Zoho One deployment, has achieved growth-driving benefits that include improved back-office efficiency, business process automation, and lightning-quick customer...

Amplify Client Engagement with a Customer Experience Strategy

Your business isn’t really in retail, finance, technology, etc. Surprised? That’s part of what you sell, but the most successful brands realise that their...

Communication refocuses on people-centricity

Companies have had to reinvent many of their traditional business processes to remain operational while ensuring the safety of their employees during the turbulent...

One Show 2021 Juries Will “Only Judge The Work”, Not the Creatives’ WFH Life

A witty new campaign to promote The One Show 2021 call-for-entries says creatives shouldn’t be concerned about what others might think of their chaotic...

Why executives believe closing the skills gap is an urgent priority

"In 2020, many businesses were unable to provide much-needed training to their teams, as they didn’t have the right training solutions. Their inability to...

Creating Meaningful Brand Connections in 2021

Across the board, 2020 was characterised by survival, and ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic tested the resolve of people and brands alike. Many businesses are still...

Chat-based business-recovery resource launched on WhatsApp to assist SMMEs during COVID-19

A chat-based service called SMMEstart has been launched on WhatsApp to provide SMMEs in South Africa with instantly actionable information, guidance and resources to...

Lockdown has expanded the data universe for South African marketers

Even with the good news about successful vaccine trials around the world, we’re most likely still months away from the end of the COVID-19...

What to expect from digital in 2021

Many marketing professionals were unprepared for the digital revolution that came with the 2020 global lockdown and the urgent need for businesses and organisations...
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