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Fri, Sep 17, 2021
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5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve Your Campaigns

Email marketing is an excellent way to drive engagement and conversions. As a marketing channel, it also has the lowest cost per conversion. Want...

Brands need an action plan for a world beyond third-party cookies

For years, brands have relied on third-party cookies and mobile identifiers to deliver personalised ads to prospects and customers, and to track engagement with...

RAPT Creative launches Jameson #TasteInMusic Campaign

Following the success of its Month of Comedy campaign earlier this year, RAPT Creative has successfully launched and implemented another digital activation campaign for...

The state of social media in South Africa

Richard Lord, Media & Operations Director at media agency Meta Media, says that 2020 proved to be a tumultuous year for advertising. Overnight, budgets...

Influencer marketing is cutting through the content shock of a digital age

Lockdown, the global pandemic and the shift to remote working all accelerated the digital economy. Side-by-side with heightened social media use was an increase...

Why personalisation in digital marketing matters

In 2011, Coca Cola launched its Share a Coke campaign in Australia, which was a personalised campaign with the most common Australian names printed...

The 6 superpowers of digital communication

Most companies understand the importance of constantly improving the customer experience. They’ve likely seen the research that shows how focusing on customer experience can...

What Exactly Is Customer Experience?

Understanding customer experience and – more importantly – getting it right can make a massive difference to your business. Our CX experts show you...

The Pandemic’s Impact On Transformation For Better Or Worse?

So you’ve heard of Clubhouse but you aren’t entirely sure what it is or, more importantly, if it’s worth taking note of? This snapshot...

2021 Effie Awards South Africa Last Minute Entry Deadline Imminent

The Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) and Effie Awards South Africa is calling on South African agencies, clients, media partners and start-ups to...
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