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Wed, Jul 28, 2021
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What Exactly Is Customer Experience?

Understanding customer experience and – more importantly – getting it right can make a massive difference to your business. Our CX experts show you...

The Pandemic’s Impact On Transformation For Better Or Worse?

So you’ve heard of Clubhouse but you aren’t entirely sure what it is or, more importantly, if it’s worth taking note of? This snapshot...

2021 Effie Awards South Africa Last Minute Entry Deadline Imminent

The Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) and Effie Awards South Africa is calling on South African agencies, clients, media partners and start-ups to...

Signs your digital maturity isn’t progressing and what to do about it

Innovation and agility. These are the characteristics of a business that have become crucial to not only its survival but its long-term success as...

BrandMapp 2021 demystifies pandemic influence on SA shopping landscape

As with every other aspect of life, the pandemic has changed how and when we shop, as well as where and what we buy. ...

Why you need social commerce

Shopping has always been a social activity. Just two years ago, you would find people discussing the good and bad about their recent purchases...
Historic ADC 100th Awards names Best of Discipline winners

Historic ADC 100th Awards names Best of Discipline winners

INGO Stockholm and Spotify In-House NY Each Win Two Best of Disciplines at Historic ADC 100th Annual Awards All winners to be announced June 9 during Creative...

Finalists announced for historic ADC 100th Awards

Spotify In-House, Goodby, The New York Times Magazine Are Top Finalists in Historic ADC 100th Annual Awards Top finalist entry is “Michelob ULTRA Courtside” with 12...

Social e-Commerce ramps up online sales

Covid-19 has been one of the main reasons for digital transformation across many markets, particularly in the e-commerce space. As a subset of e-commerce,...
Brent Haumann is the Managing Director at Striata, Africa

6 Technologies that should be part of your future CCM strategy

Customer expectations are evolving faster today than ever before. That’s hardly surprising. In an always-on world where people have devices with them all the...
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