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Fri, Nov 26, 2021
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Colin Ramparsadh, Business Unit Director at The MediaShop

Lessons from TV

Over the years we have learned a lot from TV, despite our parents often despairing that the hours and hours spent in front of...

Astroworld crush points to a criminal lack of planning, says crisis expert

The devastating events of the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas on Friday have left global audiences shocked and saddened, as at least eight...
Robbie Kearns, Senior Regional Vice President at Salesforce

How retailers are going digital-first this holiday season

For retailers this holiday season, everything is relative when you consider last year’s widespread lockdown of physical spaces and an accelerated shift to digital...

Pitfalls of neglecting your email delivery

Email marketers face a myriad of challenges in sending emails at scale and ensuring that as many as possible get read, whilst avoiding the...

Kolisis call for fresh thinking after “a time of mayhem”

“We need to listen to what people dealing with challenging circumstances really need,” says Rachel Kolisi, co-founder of the Kolisi Foundation. This and other...

Sign up and catch the digital audio revolution in Africa

A series of online conferences demystifying the digital audio revolution and how to use it to build brands in Africa has just launched. in_Broadcasting, a...

5 Black Friday Online Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Revenue

It’s no secret: the pandemic has affected the way we do things and Black Friday has been no exception. To add to that, the...
Five ways to ensure an influencer marketing campaign goes viral

Five ways to ensure an influencer marketing campaign goes viral

Big brands used to tell us what was cool. Today, consumers expect brands to be more human. In fact, the higher a brand’s emotional...
Bridget Fury, Interim Head of the SA Future Trust

SA Future Trust Brand Film Celebrates The Tenacity of SMMEs

Integrated campaign and inspiring brand film champions small businesses The South African Future Trust (“SA Future Trust”) is shining a spotlight on the resilience of...
Candice Lee Reeves, Senior Digital Copywriter

Understanding customer-centric content marketing for better email engagement

Email marketing is something most businesses are doing but few get right. Often, this causes frustration because responses are low, or customers simply ignore...
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