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Fri, Sep 17, 2021
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Hot reception for Castle Lite’s Cold Tracker

Sometimes delivering great results for a client demands that an agency takes a proactive stance and puts an opportunity to innovate on the table....

Primedia Outdoor celebrates Valentine’s Day once again with their outstanding #PrimediaBigLove campaign

For the third consecutive year, Primedia Outdoor celebrated Valentine’s day in the most extraordinary way with their renowned #PrimediaBigLove campaign. The campaign invites the...

MALL ADS Re-Launches MALL TV for Mass Market Audience

Mall Ads™ has re-launched Mall TV™, with a renewed focus on targeting the mass market segment of the South African population. In strengthening the Mall...

How mobile technology is driving strong retail sales in brick and mortar stores

Retail sector investment into mobile apps and platforms has been accelerated by the global pandemic. There can be no doubt that the next era of...

The Evolution of the IT Department

The traditional caricature of the IT department was of a group of tech geeks ensconced in the basement of a company, never seen by...

3 tech trends to watch in 2020

As we enter a new decade, all aspects of technology will continue to accelerate. Developments in space travel, quantum computing and an increase in...

MyToyota launches intelligence platform to keep Toyota drivers connected

FCB Joburg has pulled together a 360° campaign to communicate Toyota South Africa’s innovative cloud-based Internet-connected intelligence platform aimed at providing in-mobility WiFi connected...

Why the fundamentals matter in B2B digital marketing

Opinion Piece Thanks to platforms such as LinkedIn, a company’s website, and its own social media channels, more and more business-to-business (B2B) technology companies are...

Spotify Premium now offering new (Premium) users the first 3 months for free

Spotify Premium is giving users who are new to Premium* more time to fully enjoy its unique features with the first 3 months for...

The Future of Customer Service

Originally posted in: https://news.samsung.com/za/the-future-of-customer-service Are machines taking over? With the IoT, just about anything is possible, but don’t worry, it’s all about convenience and great...
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