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The Metaverse: Advertising and the future of marketing

The Metaverse is here, but only in its infancy. Many of us may think of the Metaverse as that virtual world we’ll one day...

The Play Your Part Awards 2021 open entries for Innovator of the Year award

Innovation has been dubbed the "engine of growth and development" globally and for many countries that are working to remain competitive, improving innovation and...
MAHALABox makes sure South Africa's most vulnerable don't get lost in the digital divide with free internet access

REGENT’s MAHALABox makes sure South Africa’s most vulnerable don’t get lost in the digital...

One of the biggest hurdles facing South Africa’s many job seekers is access to vital online resources, including recruitment sites. Stats SA reported in August...

Why personalisation in digital marketing matters

In 2011, Coca Cola launched its Share a Coke campaign in Australia, which was a personalised campaign with the most common Australian names printed...

The 6 superpowers of digital communication

Most companies understand the importance of constantly improving the customer experience. They’ve likely seen the research that shows how focusing on customer experience can...
Broadcast Research Council of South Africa

DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) rollout in South Africa will not negatively impact TAMS

TAMS panel healthy and in full working order According to the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC), the core of South African TV measurement,...
Brent Haumann is the Managing Director at Striata, Africa

6 Technologies that should be part of your future CCM strategy

Customer expectations are evolving faster today than ever before. That’s hardly surprising. In an always-on world where people have devices with them all the...

PoPIA: 5 Tips to secure electronic signatures in your business

With many businesses forced into remote working by the Covid-19 pandemic - and likely to continue working a physical-virtual hybrid model for the foreseeable...

Hot reception for Castle Lite’s Cold Tracker

Sometimes delivering great results for a client demands that an agency takes a proactive stance and puts an opportunity to innovate on the table....

Primedia Outdoor celebrates Valentine’s Day once again with their outstanding #PrimediaBigLove campaign

For the third consecutive year, Primedia Outdoor celebrated Valentine’s day in the most extraordinary way with their renowned #PrimediaBigLove campaign. The campaign invites the...
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