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Flying fish have collaborated with Uber Eats and some “ghost” kitchens with some renowned Chefs. To bring you, the Flying Dish!! All of this to promote eating and filling your tummy with food before you enjoy an ice cold Flying Fish. The creative campaign is aimed at bringing responsible drinking to the attention of ALL SAB customers.

With 2020/21 being what it was/is, a complete mess of a year for all of us globally. South Africa was especially hard hit with, as we all know. Ban on alcohol sales and a bigger push to more responsible drinking. Obviously I absolutely agree with the fact that there could be a more responsible approach to the chaotic drinking and driving and underage drinking in our country. We have all had to adapt to a completely new way of looking at life and how we deal with business.

I don’t know about you, but I often empathized with the likes of SAB where basically their whole business must have come to a complete stand still. And being the size of company that they are with a huge staff compliment. Would have to somehow find a way to adapt – while also pushing their need to implement marketing around a social norm of prevalent “harmful drinking”.

One of the cleverly creative ways in which the SAB, Flying Fish brand have come up with a different strategy to promote drinking responsibly while still sticking with the tone of what they do. Is to promote, possibly drinking on a full tummy… What they DO want you to do is make sure that every experience with their beer is a positive and memorable one.

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How do they do this?

By putting the message across that by drinking on a full stomach is the way to go. By staying true to the brand ethos, that they are the same loved flying fish brand with a heightened focus and relevance to the lives and livelihoods of their customers. By encouraging people to make smart drinking choices.

Enter the Flying Dish:

The Flying Dish kitchen is a bold move to see the alcohol brand move over to serving food first instead of drinks. All to get people to remember to line their tummy’s before enjoying a Flying Fish (excuse the pun). The menu looks fantastic at face value, the taste and quality are up to you to decide. However I can tell you from my own personal experience that it is – OUT OF THIS WORLD!! The food is amazing and it certainly hits the spot exactly where needed.

Why have they decided this..?

“Zoleka Lisa, VP of Corporate Affairs at the South African Breweries (SAB), says as the leading beer manufacturer in SA, we are a purpose lead brand that is unwavering in our ethos and commitments to charting the way in inculcating a culture of responsible consumption. This is not just a once off campaign for us, but rather a solution necessary to protect both lives and livelihoods.”

“According to Tegwyn Hughes at Queen’s University, the science to eating before alcohol consumption is clear; the fat in food sticks to the stomach’s lining for an extended period while drinking, slowing the process of the alcohol flow into the bloodstream, therefore extending the amount of time a person is sober and enjoy themselves to the fullest.”

How are they going about it?

Flying Fish have partnered with Uber Eats, featuring a select menu of consumer favorites’ pre and post-party meals (chosen by them). Includes collaborations with South Africa’s notable Chef’s and local restaurants to deliver delicious bites to people. Trying to ensure that whenever anyone thinks Flying Fish, they start to think food and eat first before I drink.

Lisa adds that, “Flying Fish is a brand that prides itself on bringing light-hearted fun to consumers who are over the age of 18+ only. As a brand we brew a beverage of moderation that is to be enjoyed responsibly. We do this by making it easy and fun for consumers to associate smart drinking choices, with food, whilst giving them practical means to eat before they drink, this we believe is a smart behaviour pattern which we continue to affirm.”

The brand is championing food first, Flying Fish later. The pop-up Flying Dish will be available in JHB and CT (to follow). Two locations in Johannesburg & for a limited time serving meals 24/7. From affordable gourmet burgers, to vegan vibes, the Flying Fish is every party animal’s dream.

You can view the menu here, place your orders on the Uber Eats app starting from the 6th of August 2021: