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When good intentions go bad – a prohibition history lesson

The banning of alcohol sales during lockdown was initially intended to help protect communities, but reality has set in and the outcomes remind us...

Self-Service business solutions for the global pandemic

Self-service business solutions allow for organisations to engage and support customers as they face increasingly rigid quarantine restrictions. There is plenty of research that points...

Lockdown leadership

Insightful thought piece by Sean Sullivan of the MediaShop on some pointers to running effective virtual team meetings and what you can do to...

The best time to start a business is right now. Here’s why

Every day, across the country, men and women dream about starting their own businesses. They have an idea, they want to be their own...

Canon Crystal ball 2020 predictions

Collaboration is key Caroline Serfass, Senior VP and CIO, Canon Europe As time goes on, digitisation is moving more to the front office and customer-facing processes....

Better Batteries: Energy Storage Can Fight Load Shedding And Develop South Africa

With the ongoing strain on South Africa’s electricity grid, and the growing use of renewable energy to mitigate climate change, there is a clear...
Wynand Smit, CEO INOVO

Why poor customer service is killing your brand (and how to fix it)

Thought Leadership peace by:  Wynand Smit, CEO INOVO South African businesses are faced with an exceedingly difficult task. They have to find ways to survive in...

Reviving entrepreneurship on campus – Pitch Tank Battle of the Faculties puts students through...

Eleven students across the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) seven faculties had the opportunity this week to pitch their business ideas to a...

30 Years of Carrol Boyes

From humble beginnings to a globally recognised South African brand, Carrol Boyes has been making her mark on the design world for 30 years! In...

Does your business culture dictate your agility?

In business today, long term survival is becoming more aligned with a business’s ability to be agile. This capability is increasingly about the role...
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