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All4Women, one of South Africa’s most popular online women’s magazines, is excited to launch their three new specially-tailored, results-driven client packages for 2018.

All4Women prides itself on the uniquely curated content created by editors who are well in tune with their audience, covering topics from food and home to parenting and relationships. As of March 2018, the site attracts over 480 000 unique users monthly (Effective Measure), has amassed over 160 000 Facebook followers and their 20 newsletters hit the inboxes of over 500 000 subscribers per month with an open rate of 75%.

This means that All4Women can confidently provide a brand safe, well-read environment for clients looking to increase their brand awareness and exposure while engaging directly with a targeted female audience.

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Inspired by the different shoes that women choose based on their budget and needs, All4Women has created packages that do the same for brands, aptly named The Sneaker, The Sandal and the Stilletto. These high-value, customisable packages give clients the option to select a solution that not only best suits their marketing objectives but also offers up to a 20% discount, dependant on package chosen.

The Sneaker is the cost-effective, entry-level package that is well suited for building brand awareness with an article created and published on the All4Women site, two newsletter mentions, one large format wallpaper, run of site banners and a Facebook post. The Sandal is a middle of the range package that builds brand engagement with an article created and published on the All4Women site, three newsletter mentions, two wallpapers, banners, a section takeover and a Facebook and Twitter post.

The Stilletto is the “Louboutin of packages” for brands who want to step things up with extensive brand reach. It gives brands maximum exposure with an article created and published on the All4Women site, four newsletter mentions, three wallpapers, run of site banners, a section takeover and a Facebook and Twitter post.

The benefit of utilising these packages is that you get the best selection of high performance ad units on the All4Women site, strategically combined to help your brand reach their marketing objectives, placed within a contextually relevant environment in front of an 80% female audience (Effective Measure, March 2018).

Furthermore, additional ‘sparkles’ can be added to the campaign to further magnify results, with optional extras such as polls, widgets, home page takeovers and social media posts.

To find out more about how All4Women’s packages can give your brand a step up, contact SPARK Media: call +27 10 492 8391 or email


Established in 2015, SPARK Media, a division of CTP Ltd, are experts in retail and location based marketing solutions. The company owns and represents a myriad of print and digital products that deliver locally relevant, effective audiences for advertising clients. SPARK Media are Strategic Partners in Audience Research and Knowledge and offer ‘Insights that Ignite’.

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