This year, the awards promise to be bigger, better and more professional than ever before.
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AMASA has announced that the AMASA Awards calendar will shift to align more closely to the Global Festival of Media Awards.

With this calendar move, the AMASA council are hoping to encourage entrants to strive for Global excellence and benchmark SA’s standards on an international stage. This move will allow our AMASA Awards Roger Garlic Grand Prix winner/s to now get an automatic entry into the Global Festival of Media Awards as part of their winnings. 

An added benefit for winners with this shift is that the AMASA Awards calendar will now be more closely aligned to the Global Festival of Media Awards. On the old cycle, only half the entries would have been eligible for the benefit, where now over 80% will be eligible.  In addition, it will provide the winners of the Loerie Awards some breathing space and enable them to be able to properly prepare and submit their best submissions to meet the deadline comfortably.

“The challenges of 2020 offered AMASA an opportunity to move the Awards to the start of the calendar year and to align with the global calendar of media awards. As always, it’s the work that is the focal point of the AMASA Awards and we look forward to celebrating the exceptional standard of campaigns that have become synonymous with this event,” says Parmeshan Moodliar, AMASA Chairperson.

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What the new calendar looks like:

Entries Open:                     1st October 2020

Final entry deadline:       30th November 2020

The awards ceremony will be held in the first quarter of 2021, as an inspiring kick-start to the new year.

As we reset the new calendar, we want to ensure that no campaigns lose out. Campaigns that predominantly ran between 1 July 2019 and 30 November will now qualify to be entered for the new calendar reset. “Now more than ever, we must encourage and emphasize the need for collaboration and innovation within our industry. Good luck to all the entrants and thank you for your tireless efforts.” Concludes Moodliar. 


AMASA champions the media and advertising industry by focusing on grooming bright young talent, bringing like-minded people together and recognizing media excellence through the AMASA Awards.  Founded in 2014 the AMASA Awards started with the ambition of demonstrating the value media work can add to a client’s business. The AMASA Awards recognizes media work that demonstrates effectiveness, innovation, strategic thinking and executional excellence with the overall winner receiving the coveted Roger Garlick Grand Prix award.