One year ago Cerebra officially opened the largest social media command centre in South Africa because the way its client Vodacom needed to communicate with its customers had changed as social media took centre stage. 

Twelve months later, the results speak for themselves: Cerebra services 2 300 000 customers a year with 345 hours of dedicated service per day 7am to 10pm. They receive on average 71 000 in-bound posts per month. 100% of posts are viewed within 1 hour; 53% of posts are resolved within 1 hour and the average resolution time is 12 min.

Cerebra MD Michael Oelschig says the team handles first line response on all social media platforms; facebook; twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn; Youtube: “The more consumers continue to become digitally mature and cotton on to the use of social media to engage with brands, the less businesses are able to shy away from their own opportunities for digital maturity.

“We’re still seeing company’s knee-jerk attempts at social media to be the path of least resistance: assigning a junior employee with little experience or brand context to be the custodians of these channels. All too often to their detriment.”

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Abey Mokgwatsane, Vodacom Managing Executive: Brand Marketing and Comms, says: “It became quite imperative that we focus on actually creating a specialized team who has the ability to engage with our customers; respond to these particular queries and actually create the service that we offer as a key to differentiate our customers going forward.

“The command centre is an excellent example of how we’ve been able to use our technology to bring consumers closer to our brand, listen to them, understand what they are saying, and be much more responsive in real time to the needs that they have.”

Oelschig says: “Cerebra is one of the few agencies that are positioned to help organisations grow their own social media, creative and customer service presence both as an agency partner and through helping our clients building these competencies internally, as more and more businesses are choosing to do. This has a meaningful and sustainable impact on their business long into the future – longer than any campaign ever can.”