Nkhensani Moyane Managing Director of AceCubePR
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Over the years there has been significant growth and change within the media industry. While traditional media is still important, the development of new media channels has helped strengthen and grow the media industry. At the core of the daily operations of the media industry are relationships, we need to have faith in our media sources, and they need to know that we can provide the relevant content that they need.

For the longest time, we as PR professionals have relied on calling media publications, introducing ourselves and selling content. In today’s world the PR industry has evolved and building long fruitful relationships with the media has become vital. Building strong relationships is an important advantage for PR professionals that may result in long term beneficial connections. Whether the journalist moves publications or not, your content will always be a priority.

Since Covid-19 hit our shores, several publications have had to close their doors, but this misfortune has given people within the media industry an opportunity to establish their own platforms such as blogs, podcasts, and influencing. These “new” media streams have created room for more diverse media relationships to be formed.

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Over time the media industry has become more digital and as a result audiences have access to different media platforms at any time, and from anywhere. I can’t express how important it is to familiarise yourself with digital media, spending time getting to understand the “new” media will improve your clients reach and can also result in global publicity. There are podcast and influencers for every industry, do your research and build those relationships too.

For many years the PR industry has been focused on trying to build, and maintain relationships with mainstream media platforms, but recent developments have pushed the PR industry into focusing more on building strong and successful relationships with community-based media platforms.

Since the pandemic the PR industry has taken a financial knock and purchasing updated media lists is seen as a luxury. Using digital platforms such as websites and social media to find the relevant media has become extremely important.

The best way to maintain media relationships is to understand the kind of content that publications usually go for, give first preferences to your media contacts, and always ensure that your content is thought-provoking and relevant.

Excitement is everything to the media if you can get your media contacts excited over your client’s content then you are a winner in my books.