Monkey Shoulder Festive Gift Box and Cocktail

Beat the heat this summer with Monkey Shoulder

As things heat up this festive season, we unashamedly believe the best way to cool off is with a Monkey Shoulder cocktail fit for the season! Refreshingly light with a spicy kick, the Ginger Brewsky is a must-have over the summer. Your holidays have never looked so tasty!

Fortunately, this 100% malt whisky is made for mixing and we’re excited to share this plot twist that was concocted by unconventionally combining two of your favourite drinks – whisky and beer. What a combo! With one bottle of beer you should be able to crack out four Ginger Brewskys – bargain!

This drink is guaranteed to make the time with the family or in-laws more bearable, and is a perfect excuse to run out the door right now to go buy some Monkey Shoulder and beer. Head out to your nearest leading retailer right now and pick up the festive Monkey Shoulder box for R369.00, which makes a pretty cool gift for a loved one, but an even better gift from you, to you.

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Remember to #makeitmonkey this summer. Cheers to you, the cheeky ones!

Ginger Brewsky

Tastes Like

The plot just got interesting…

What You’ll Need

25ml    Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

20ml    Ginger Syrup

20ml    Fresh Lemon Juice

Top      Beer

Making It

  1. Add all ingredients other than beer to shaker.
  2. Shake well with ice.
  3. Strain into glass and top with beer.

Our Tips

Beer spray! Open a bottle of beer and place your thumb over the end. Shake it as if you’re about to do a Formula One spray. Turn the beer upside down over the Ginger Brewsky and top it with a mousse beer spray by releasing your thumb slightly from the bottle. With one bottle you should be able to mousse four Ginger Brewskys. Be careful, it’s best to practice this cheeky tip as it takes quite a bit of dexterity to perfect!

Great cocktails start with responsible measuring.


Monkey Shoulder is the world’s first 100% malt whisky made for mixing.

Using batches from just 27 casks, Monkey Shoulder is created by combining single malts from three of Speyside’s finest distilleries. Known for breaking conventional whisky rules and traditions, Monkey Shoulder puts the fun back into whisky drinking. Famed for its versatility, the smooth and rich taste has hints of mellow vanilla – a flavour that works well with mixers and when included in cocktails.


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