RocoMamas #EatingIsBelieving - Outdoor

RocoMamas, famous for its smashburgers, launched combos to diversify its offering, as the brand continues to grow and has recently surpassed 80 restaurants in South Africa, and other parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.

The Not Normal brand is known for its disruptor, challenger brand status, does things differently from competitors, such as refusing to use food stylists and traditional photoshop techniques to capture food shots; RocoMamas is all about mastery and authenticity.

For the launch of combos, we let our audience do the talking, and have taken real-life testimonial tweets about the new offering and applied them to billboard sites across the country, while including the Twitter handles of our most important critics – the customer.

#EatingIsBelieving is a testament to how the brand backs itself to deliver a best of class product

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Advertised brand: RocoMamas

Headline: #EatingIsBelieving 

Advertising agency: Retroviral, Johannesburg South Africa

Agency website:

  1. ECD: Mike Sharman
  2. CD: Kathryn McConnachie
  3. Art Director: Duncan Blackhurst 
  4. Art Director: Kursten Meyer
  5. Copywriter: Verona Singh 

Acc Man: Samantha Whittaker