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Sanlam’s brand reboot kicks off with a bigger, bolder purpose and team of inspirational Coaches to empower South Africans to live with financial confidence 

Following the recent announcement of Sanlam’s new brand promise to empower millions of Africans to Live with Confidence, the non-banking financial services group has begun to put it into practice with the launch of an inspirational team of Confidence Coaches. The first in a series of initiatives that aims to empower consumers to live with the kind of financial confidence that makes a real and lasting difference. 

“At Sanlam, we believe confidence is the game changer that can greatly increase your chance of success. It unlocks possibility, motivates you to reach your full potential, and allows you to live your best life. Learning to live with this kind of financial confidence, however, is a journey, and this is exactly what our brand promise is all about. No matter where your starting point is, we’re committed to equipping you with the right tools, support, and guidance to help you get from where you are to where you want to be,” says Sydney Mbhele, the Chief Executive of Brand at Sanlam

Enter the Confidence Coaches 

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A diverse mix of five well-known personalities and influential voices who will share personal insights and offer practical tips on how to live with confidence, through a series of online conversations.  

“With the intention of connecting with South Africans in the most engaging way possible, we’ve partnered with personalities that we believe consumers will relate to and be inspired by – people who not only live confidently but do so no matter the challenges life throws their way,” Mbhele adds. 

José Mourinho 

Leading the line-up is world-renowned coach, José Mourinho. Voted the world’s greatest football coach of the 21st century, he has built a career on his exceptional ability to identify, nurture and develop confidence in others so that they can perform at their best. Through his journey, José has not only learnt how to handle success, but how to confidently bounce back from setbacks too.  

“We’re really excited to have José on-board as our lead coach and star of our new advert,” Mbhele continues, ”As an organisation operating in 45 countries in and outside the African continent, his broad appeal and personal connections with the continent makes him the perfect choice.” 

Fans will have the opportunity to connect with José for a one-on-one coaching session through The Confidence Coach bot on Facebook Messenger, to chat about goals, life plans and overcoming obstacles. He’ll make notes and share a unique takeaway and reminder with you afterwards: Your Confidence Rulebook.

DJ Sbu
From humble beginnings, DJ Sbu built himself up through sheer hard work and commitment. Rising to the top of his game as a TV personality, producer, DJ, and businessman, today he is one of the most admired and most watched entrepreneurs in the country.  

Followers will be able to join in the conversation across his social channels as he shares lessons on how living with confidence has been one of his biggest secrets to success.  

Deborah Chambers
Having only started her modeling career at the age of 53, Deborah is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you start truly living with confidence, believing in yourself and tapping into your potential. Guided by her mantra: You’re never too old, and it’s never too late; she’ll be sharing more about her story across her social media channels 

Unathi Nkayi 

As a multi-talented woman in SA’s entertainment industry and a household name, Unathi is celebrated as one of the most influential and inspirational personalities in the country. Not without its fair share of ups and downs, Unathi’s road to success is testament to the power of hard work, focus and living with confidence. 

Audiences are invited to join her community on social channels to engage in the conversation.

Leandie du Randt
As an actress, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Leandie’s passion and determination is infectious. She’s a living example of what can be achieved with the right attitude and an extra dose of resilience. To learn more, fans can join in the conversation across her social channels.

Created and produced by King James, the campaign message is further reinforced in Sanlam’s new advert (which has just gone live across digital channels and on TV) and through a series of Confidence Rules. Specifically developed to support all South Africans on their journey to financial confidence, these rules about life and finance offer an easy-to-follow, practical guide for consumers to apply in their daily lives from today.

“We wanted to keep it human, personal and authentic throughout,” says Mbhele, adding, “Rather than solely highlighting financial confidence, Sanlam has set out to inspire a better relationship with finances by first unpacking the significance of greater confidence in all aspects of life.” 

To this end, Sanlam’s collection of Confidence Coaches aren’t financial experts, but rather real people with real stories and life lessons to share. Drawing from their own experiences, each will talk life in the context of circumstances and important decisions. With all of these conversations and platforms ultimately working towards the bigger goal and purpose of Sanlam’s campaign: to help more and more people live their best lives and feel equipped to navigate the challenges that may come their way through financial confidence.

“Everyone wants to live with financial confidence, knowing they’ve got the best chance at a good life. But for many people, our call to live with financial confidence might seem overwhelming or even impossible,” reflects Mbhele. “But we’ve set out to offer really practical steps to get there – simple, actionable steps to help anyone along their journey.” 

To find out more and connect with the Confidence Coaches, visit livewithconfidence.co.za.