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A Ginger Monkey to Get You Through the Month

The Ginger Monkey cocktail, specially created for those with a modern, minimalistic outlook on life. Making an appearance from the famous Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Book, here’s a mix to showcase the zesty orange and spiced oak notes found in this authentic, award winning whisky. This tall refresher enhances both notes with fiery ginger beer and the zing of fresh orange. The orange makes all the difference, so don’t leave it out.

As we do, challenging traditional conventions, we’d ike to dedicate this one to Albert, the first NASA monkey to ever make a successful trip to space. He was ginger too you know. Cheers Albert! 


Tastes Like

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Swan-diving into a ginger and orange paradise.

What You’ll Need

50ml of Monkey Shoulder triple blended malt Scotch whisky

80ml of Dry Ginger Ale

Fresh Orange Wedge

Making It

1.    Fill long glass with ice

2.    Add ingredients into glass and gently stir

3.    Garnish with orange wedge.

Fill the glass with ice & add the Monkey Shoulder. Pour over the ginger ale & slowly stir (never shake) to mix. Top off with a juicy fresh orange wedge and you’re ready for lift off.

Our Tips

We all know that not all gingers are created equal! Avoid catastrophe and get some decent ginger ale (or ginger beer). Or slice a freshly washed ginger. Crunch it once between your teeth to release some spicy ginger flavour and throw this into your Ginger Monkey! You might want to give everyone their own ginger slice.

Great cocktails start with responsible measuring.