Ad Outpost plays a bigger role in South Africa’s economy than just the outdoor space. The company is dedicated to its CSI; one of these initiatives is its contribution, in various ways, to the preservation of the country’s endangered wildlife. Prime among them the Rhinoceros. The company issues a ‘call to arms’, challenging other industry players to bring ideas to the table.

The Big Four – it just does not have the same ring to it, does it? Do we want to be the generation that lets this happen? The Rhino, seen by many South Africans as a javan sumatran photos of rhinoceros dangerous animal attacks
symbol of strength and perseverance, is under threat. Many may think that there are more important issues at hand such as children starving, abuse towards women and children, etc. and that, in the bigger scheme of things, this is not important.

Connected and dependent.

But that is precisely it. In the bigger scheme of things, all are interconnected and interdependent, from the oceans to the constellations around us, including man and beast. If the extinction of species is allowed to continue unabated, then that apathy can reach a point of no return.
This is a call for us to work together, again a reverberating theme, as together we can make a difference. There are so many initiatives operating independently – should we not align these initiatives in order to achieve greater impact and success?

A horrible perspective.

To put this in to perspective: since the 1970s, Rhino numbers have reduced by a staggering 90% and in this calendar year alone 245 rhinos have already been killed. Ruthlessly and very cruelly.

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Our involvement.rhino couple

Ad Outpost, which has sported the Rhino logo since its inception 14 years ago, is committed to working with the different organisations to engage with all stakeholders in order to fight this scourge. We have already engaged with some entities, one of them the World Wildlife Fund. In our latest version of the logo, it has been transformed into an eye-catching and colourful icon for two reasons: it reflects both our rainbow nation and its strength through diversity; as well as our company’s culture of creativity, positive approach and boldness.
The call to arms!

Ad Outpost in conjunction with Rhino Force and the Endangered Wildlife Trust are looking to create a bold awareness in the fight against Rhino poaching. Rhino Force and the Endangered Wildlife Trust are working together to not only create awareness but also action the fight against the devastating destruction of this South African treasure. Rhino Force’s campaign is simple; the sale of a bracelet, of which the profits go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Our call is also to all out there to work together in addressing issues and to submit any suggestions that can assist all those who are devoting their time and energy to White Rhino with calf
make a difference. This is equivalent to guerrilla warfare – the enemy is amongst us. Yet, with mankind’s inherent resourcefulness and our nation’s ability to rise above challenges, we can find the solutions. Suggestions heeded.

Please send any suggestions to to be collated and actioned. The Rhino is a part of the heritage of all South Africans – let us preserve our future: all it takes is one step out of apathy.

* Thank you Ad Outpost, for your involvement in environmental conservation and your call to action. Adcom Media is supportive of all CSI initiatives and backs your call to action. We’d love to hear about other companies’ involvement in initiatives such as this. Please send your CSI stories to