DNA point of sale stand by Marins
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Marins worldwide leader of instant displays.

A compactable alternative!

In-store marketing is on the increase. Seldom will you find a shop that doesn’t have promotional material of some kind. The fact of the matter is it works – if done correctly. The trick is to do it in such a way that your brand is more prominent than competitors. Enter Marin’s Lamàs and Stockholders…

What is it?

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A Lamà, patented by Marin’s Worldwide is, to summarise, a compactible easy to transport promotional display, designed to make promotional marketers jobs simple, easy DSC05408
and fast. It is the first patented cardboard display system that opens automatically into position. Influencing consumers Promotional stands in supermarkets are aimed at influencing consumers’ point of sale purchase. Stating the obvious? Yes I am. But how much influence is there? Research done by POPAI (the Global Association for Marketing at Retail) shows that in-store purchase decisions rose from 70% in 1995 to 76% in 2012. With statistics like these, vying for consumer in-store attention should rank high on any marketer’s agenda.


Simple really! What is needed is something compellingly attractive and, if one looks to the future, it must be memorable too. Enter Marin’s Lamà’s. “Lamà’s encompass truth, beauty and joy,” says Marin’s Worldwide South Africa General Manager Derek Smit. “And,” he emphasises, “Marin’s is memorable!”

Truth, beauty & joy.

How does a promotional display unit contain elements of truth and beauty, and encompass an emotion – joy? “Beauty is from the attractiveness of the advertising French polony
pallet,” Derek explains, “while the joy is because Lamàs are aesthetically pleasing. The truth aspect is simply that Lamàs, because of repro quality and choice of shape and size, portray the product or packaging as it is.


Lamàs are, in my opinion, extremely functional. They are collapsible and easy to set up as well as portable. “As a matter of fact,” Derek emphasises, “one of our clients loaded sufficient stock in his car to equip 10 in-store promotions.” He adds that the promotion dominated the stores in which it was displayed. Of course the collapsibility facilitates easy storage using minimal space. All Lamà’s are tear- and puncture-proof with the only limitation being over exposure to the elements.


Lamà ‘s can be used in-store; in-mall; trade shows; exhibitions; product launches; window promotional displays – in fact almost any place in any space.

Shopper marketing.

Also gleamed from the function hosted by Y&R is that there are many variations on the definition of ‘shopper marketing’. However, an accurate definition is: “a collaborative customer and retailer-targeted programme that leverages shoppers to choose a brand, while building brand equity”. “Marin’s Lamàs fall squarely in this definition,” Derek emphasises. “You don’t need a lot to make a big impact. In addition, costs are relatively low allowing small business with a small marketing budget to own their own space.”

Merchandise display.

An adaptation of the Lamà is the ‘Lamà Stockholder’. It is the same concept but includes space for displaying merchandise. “Stockholders are just as aesthetically SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA 3
pleasing as Lamàs,” says Derek, “and are just as compactable and as portable. The main differentiator is it can take up to 100kg of product.”“Promotional marketers’ day has arrived,” says Derek in conclusion. Lamàs and stockholders do the marketing themselves. You don’t need a campaign, this is the campaign!”

* Derek can be contacted via e-mail to: Derek.smit@marins-sa.co.za or visit their website: www.marins.co.za