Vuyo Dlamini - Managing Editor of the BRICS journal

BRICS Journal launch

Although not directly related to advertising. Adcomm Media was kindly invited to attend the very neat and promising BRICS journal launch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosebank by On Point PR.


To produce content focussed on the five BRICS member countries namely, (Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Hoping to deepen cooperation among member countries through positive and comprehensive media coverage. With the aim of connecting these five emerging nations from a political, economic and arts and culture standpoint. Reportedly on news that is not necessarily available. The journal will apparently delve deeper with insight about opportunities and development.


The first journal, launched on 11 August 2016 will be complimentary to venues across all BRICS countries. The second will be run in November in relation to the BRICS summit to be held in GOA India in October 2016. From January it will be distributed at cost throughout various markets.


In general anyone who is interested or curious about opportunities that exist within the BRICS nations. Encompassing Entrepreneurs, Government, Academics and travellers.

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Putting the journal together

Although the journal is compiled and published in South Africa by the BRICS media company. Editorial content is sourced from award winning journalists throughout the various BRICS markets. The idea being to give fair representation and highlight opportunities from the various markets.

Why is a BRICS journal so important?

Managing Editor Vuyo Dlamini says she believes the media plays an important role in promoting closer partnerships amongst BRICS countries and their people. Whilst this publication is by no means a mouthpiece for BRICS governance, it seeks to uncover some hidden stories amongst the five nations that are relevant to those who live and do business there.

For more information, please contact:

  • Vuyo Dlamini, Managing Editor of BRICS Journal

          m: 071 076 8074          e:

  • Afrika Mkhangala, Chief Operations Officer BRICS Media Company

          m: +27 76 665 0136     e:

  • Melissa Douman, Media enquiries

           m: 082 825 9893         e: