Clorets Chewing Gum takes to the streets in shoe-shining splendour

There are a few things in life that can boost your confidence, but none adds a skip in your step as much as the magic combination of fresh breath and a shiny pair of shoes.

Clorets chewing gum recently embraced this notion offering commuters at Faraday Taxi Rank in Johannesburg the chance to boost their confidence with a FREE shoe-shining and the 100% fresh breath confidence of Clorets.

Present at the afternoon’s activities was Kerisha Govender, Category Brand Manager for Clorets, who said: “Clorets is the only gum proven to not just mask bad breath, but to eliminate the odour, through a combination of its scientifically-tested active ingredients, Actizol and Chlorophyl, giving you fresh breath that leaves you feeling at your best for longer.”

The Clorets shoe-shining teams were stationed at taxi ranks around the country, including Bella Ombre Taxi Rank 2 (8th June 06h00 – 18h00), Tembisa Taxi Rank (June 7th 15h00 – 18h00) Gugulethu (8th June -15h00 -18h00) and Mfuleni (6th June -15h00 -18h00), Umlazi Mega City Rank (8th June -15h00 -18h00).

Govender concludes: “Connecting with commuters through shoe-shining will help illustrate that when you look good, you feel confident. Through this and the winning formulation of Clorets, we hope that we can add to their confidence arsenal, leaving them looking sharp with fresh breath confidence and ready to take on their day and make things happen.”

Look out for Clorets on the street and in stores and remember – fresh breath is the key for confidence to take on your day! Level up with Clorets!

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