CSI is an imperative in the business world. The Marie Claire Naked issue for 2013 includes 41 celebrities who joined the magazine in supporting the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF).

Celebrities share

Photographed by heart recipient Marguerite Oelofse, the collector’s edition features some of South Africa’s most prominent celebrities, sport stars and media personalities in the nude.

“This year’s shoot is sublime, but what really takes one’s breath away is the stories shared by our cover model Candice Boucher, our photographer Marguerite and the many of the celebs who participated,” says Aspasia Karras, editor of Marie Claire. “Each one of them had a donor-related story to share and one can’t help but to relook this very touchy subject and rethink one’s involvement.”

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Save lives
“Through organ donation, one person could save up to seven lives,” says Jooste Vermeulen, director of communications of the Organ Donor Foundation. “This includes the use of one heart, up to two lungs, two kidneys, one liver and one pancreas. Tissue such as corneas, skin, bone and heart valves could be donated too, resulting in improving the lives of another 50 people.

Donors needed
“Becoming an organ donor is really easy and it costs nothing to register with the ODF. This year we want to register 50 000 new donors and we hope that the Marie Claire Naked campaign will help us towards that goal,” concludes Jooste.

Get active

“Our aim this year is to get everyone not only talking about organ donation, but also to sign up to become donors, or support the ODF financially. I know I will be doing both,” concludes Karras.

*For a sneak peek at the issue, go to www.marieclairevoyant.com. The magazine will be posting interviews from the various shoots over the next couple of weeks.