Mrs Ball’s sizzles with three tantalising flavours!
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Everyone remembers the delicious taste of Mrs Ball’s chutney. For over 100 years this tasty condiment and ingredient has been on South African tables. Over the past two years, Mrs Ball’s has stirred things up by launching three new delicious offerings, the versatile Sweet Chilli Sauce, the spicy Jalapeño Chutney and the mouth-watering Chakalaka Chutney.

We all know that what really matters in condiments is what is inside of them and this is no exception to this tantalising range. Each of these offerings is made with the finest ingredients and has their own delicious distinct flavour. 

You can always count on the sweet taste of peaches and apricots in Mrs Ball’s Original Chutney, which adds the perfect touch to a bruschetta or potjie. Mrs Ball’s Sweet Chilli Sauce perfectly blends the flavours of sweet red bell peppers, onions, garlic and chilli for a spicy twist, which is perfect for cheesy chicken bites or a delicious lamb panini. Get your taste buds dancing with the fiery blend of blend of garlic, onion, green peppers and jalapeños in Mrs Ball’s Jalapeño Chutney with its, perfect with ribs or fish taco’s. Lastly, Mrs Balls Chakalaka Chutney combines a balance of spices, nectarines, apple rings and pears, perfect with bean salad, samp and curries. Mrs Ball’s Chutney now has a flavour for everyone.

“Mrs Ball’s is a South African classic and no meal is complete without the Mrs. We have taken inspiration from a number of different flavour trends that are aimed at exciting the taste buds and making consumers fall in love with Mrs Ball’s all over again,” says Adley Reddy, Mrs Ball’s Brand Manager.

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To celebrate these scrumptious offerings, the Mrs Ball’s Food Truck will be visiting a number of markets, shopping centres and venues across the country over the next few weeks. The Mrs Ball’s chefs will be cooking up a delicious range of dishes, for you to taste and try. You can expect to find an array of dishes including fish tacos with jalapeno crema and cabbage slaw made with Mrs Balls Jalapeno Chutney as well as roast lamb, feta and rocket paninis made with Mrs Ball’s Sweet Chilli Sauce, to name but a few.


The Mrs Ball’s chefs have developed the most amazing dishes that aim to inspire South Africans to use Mrs Ball’s in different ways. “The recipes are simple and easy to follow and are perfect for people who are wanting to try out the new flavours at home,” concludes Reddy.

If you can’t find the Mrs Ball’s Food Truck, you can always recreate these amazing recipes yourself. All you need to do, is visit and take a look at the recipe section, under each flavour there are a variety of tantalising recipes just waiting for you to try at home!

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