The company’s first dedicated media server with built-in Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-display software.

WATCHOUT™, produced by Swedish AV company Dataton and distributed in South Africa by Penmac,  has introduced the company’s first dedicated media server with built-in Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-display software.

The product, WATCHPAX™, has been kept simple.  “There is no tweaking of computers required, just plug in the WATCHPAX and start using WATCHOUT software,” explains Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director.

Quick maintenance and RoI promise                                                                       WATCHPAX start

WATCHPAX comes in a discreet and stylish matte black aluminium finish measuring a tiny 127 x 148 x 22 mm. It takes up the minimum of rack space or simply sits discreetly on the back of a flat-panel display. The unit weighs only 470 grams and consumes very little power.

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It runs over any standard network, ensuring that the management and ownership of WATCHOUT is easy to use, even remotely from anywhere in the world. Despite its small form factor and low power consumption, WATCHPAX is a very powerful media server taking full advantage of hardware-accelerated video playback. It’s designed to match the specific demands of distributed systems and multi-room installs, without the hassle of running long video cables.

A WATCHPAX media server is required for each display source and delivers full audio and video capability. The inbuilt WATCHOUT software is accessible by an intuitive user interface via TCP/IP. For powerful show creation, users will be able orchestrate stills, 3D objects, interactive elements, animations, graphics, video and sound across multiple displays, soft-edge or scattered, using the reliable, familiar smart timeline workflow of WATCHOUT.

Benefits to multiple-site installationsWATCHPAX and WIRETAG closeup

Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director at Dataton says: “WATCHPAX is the perfect solution for creative producers wanting the functionality of WATCHOUT in installations where space is limited, or which require dedicated distribution of content – such as a multi-room presentations or museum exhibits. WATCHPAX can even be deployed in information points or to drive content in kiosks in corporate showrooms, digital signage and visitor centre applications.

WATCHPAX is sold through Dataton’s global network of distributors and dealers. They are represented in South Africa by Penmac.