The Popup Cubes, Z-Cards latest innovation.

Z-CARD® Turkey has produced the Popup Cube, the company’s latest innovation, for BSH Home Appliances Corporation, one of Turkey’s furniture companies.

What and how

“The Popup Cube consists of four small cubes and a flat cover, and works like a matchbox.

“When you pull the inner from the cover,” says Z-CARD® Turkey’s Hanife Yüksel, “the cubes pop up one by one to portray a series of messages about a client, product or brand.”

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The occasion

BSH selected the Popup Cube to generate awareness around International Women’s Day, on 08 March.

The aim

Each cube generates awareness around certain products. They are: Bosch hairstyling appliances; Bosch coffee machine; Bosch MUM; and a Bosch iron.

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