Sedgwick’s Old Brown is unveiling its glass box showroom-style billboard on the N1 in Cape Town at Northgate Island. The glass box houses a Sedgwick’s bottle and braai, among others.

Billboard with a difference

Sedgwick’s Old Brown has launched its new ‘Share the Warmth’ campaign and has opted for a unique outdoor advertising experience using the tried and tested billboard medium. Although, an estimated 815 man-hours went into producing the main elements.


The billboard is a five metre high glass box, 17,4m wide and five metres deep. Anticipated a huge attraction, it features a four metre high Sedgwick’s Old Brown bottle and a braai place with glowing artificial coals and smoke bubbling from the chimney.


To recreate the burning coals of the braai, lights, fans and fabrics were used to create the effect of a fire. The braai place itself was manufactured from wood and a specialist scenic painter created the visual effect of a rock structure on the display.

The effect of smoke bubbling from a chimney is created by smoke machines and the smoke will be dispensed in spurts during high traffic times. The installation was designed to be environmentally friendly.

The advert
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The billboard depicts a group of friends in the outdoors enjoying a camping getaway together and sharing the warmth of Old Brown. The enormous bottle on display had motorists puzzled as it made its way on the national road from Johannesburg to Cape Town in a clear glass box trailer.

“The brand is stepping out of its comfort zone this year and using new and innovative visual mediums to connect with consumers. With this campaign, we really wanted to demonstrate in a tangible way that we are about sharing the warmth,” said Sedgwick’s Old Brown brand manager, Kelly Johnson.

The billboard will be up until 15 June.