The building is visible from every angle in the City of Cape Town.

Cape Town-based Tractor Outdoor planned and executed the branding for Samsung Electronics, which recently bought the branding rights to the former Shell Building. The project, with assistance from signage manufacturer Craftsigns, took a year-and-a-half.  

Enormous reach

Visible from every angle in the City, Samsung has become the third brand in 40 years to obtain branding rights to the 46 year old building, known as the ‘Shell’ building when built in 1976.

Project duration

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The almost 18-month long project was done using mainly environmentally-friendly products. Manufacture and installation of Samsung’s artwork was contracted to local signage manufacturer Craftsigns.

Products employed  

“The site itself has been manufactured with the most environmentally friendly products we could source for a site of this nature,” says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor. “An aluminium structure clad with a flex-face, cromadek sides and backing was used.”

All four sides have been branded, and energy-efficient LEDs are also in the environmental mix.  

*Information on Tractor Outdoor and Craftsigns at and respectively.