One of the 'read seas' at a tourist beach in the summer holidays
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A summer nationwide coastal campaign for McDonalds with more than 600 branded umbrellas across South Africa was the launch of Tractor Outdoor’s Beach Media Division.

Heightened awareness

According to a media release issued by the company, “the brand activation was a huge success and took McDonalds branding to a new level of awareness.”

“This was the first time that Mcdonalds has used Beach Media as a brand activation and it was a tremendous success all round,” says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor.

Tractor Beach A sea of red

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On the busy beach days the beaches were labelled ‘the red sea’ of umbrellas and campaign awareness spread to social media.

Social responsibility – on-going brand awareness
Tractor and McDonalds were also able to provide much needed shade to the Atlantic Seaboard Lifeguards through the donation of umbrellas and various gazebos.

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