As part of its Universal Wonder Christmas 2012 initiative, Universal Studios Japan put on a Christmas Spectacular using Dataton’s WATCHOUT software.


While in South Africa Penmac distributes and represents Dataton and its WATCHOUT software, in Japan BARTKRESA Design designed and created the multimedia content, engineered and deployed all projection mapping and equipment.

The event

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The Christmas Spectacular was called ‘The Song of an Angel 2012’ and ran from 13 November 2012 to 07 January this year. It included New Year celebrations on 31 December 2012 in front of thousands of spectators.

System complements cast

The system used Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-image display and presentation software to manage images in a complex production that combined performances from a 60-strong cast of actors and opera singers with lighting and special effects. The display was projected onto a building façade and stage measuring 250 ft wide and 70 ft tall.

Technical information

Twelve playback and four production WATCHOUT servers managed the content which was displayed with 31 projectors including the Christie Roadster S+20K and Christie Roadster HD18K 1080 HD DLP® models. Images are projected onto a stage and the main building façade, creating a magnificent backdrop for the show.

WATCHOUT works in sync with the show using a time code that syncs lighting, sound, projection and smoke machines.

*Further information about Dataton and its Watchout software in South Africa, visit Penmac South Africa on