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Since relaunching its popular Shoppa Show™ platform in 2018, ProActive™ has recommitted itself to driving real-time engagement among consumers, particularly those within the LSM 4-7 market. These highly entertaining shows do wonders for brands that want to reach consumers directly and change their buying behaviour. Digital marketing may expand the reach of a brand, but consumer experience shows give consumers the chance of a more memorable interaction with products –who doesn’t appreciate rewards, giveaways and a little bit of fun while out shopping?  

According to Kirsten Mercer, National Sales Head: ProActive™ South Africa and Africa, Shoppa Shows™ are persuasive and frequently lead to purchase. “They create a fun and exciting environment for consumers to receive information in an interactive way. They encourage trial through mass sampling and pull consumers towards brands with relevant engagement,” she explains.

Refining these Shoppa Shows™ in ever more sophisticated ways, ProActive™ understands that subconscious preferences and biases drive purchasing behaviour. They influence consumers by speaking their language, emphasising the benefits of a brand, and demonstrating how this relates to their values.  By increasing visibility and allowing products to do the talking, ProActive™ Brand Ambassadors promote sales in the most effective way possible.

Shows take place in the busiest shopping malls and taxi ranks, as well as retail and wholesale stores, schools and community centres, and rural community areas, where consumers are most likely to make time to engage. They frequently take place in close proximity to the point of purchase and are often linked to in-store promotions, driving further engagement.

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“Shoppa Shows™ take place at high foot-traffic zones, which allows them to create mass awareness, consumer engagement and interaction while driving the key brand message,” says Nhlanhla Molepo, Activations Account Manager at ProActive™. “They also create a memorable experience for the consumer, which translates into brand love.”

Promotions are most effective when they alert customers to a product (or remind them about that product), educate them about it, and persuade them to sample or at the very least become aware of the product’s benefits. Shoppa Shows™ are high-value engagement (singing and dancing are the norm), boosting short-term sales and ensuring that a competitor’s products are far from a consumer’s mind.

Creating a positive brand experience can influence a consumer who is not that loyal to a brand, leading to new affiliations.

The face-to-face component of the shows allows brand ambassadors to get a better idea of what a brand’s customers might look like – where they shop, what their ages and buying habits are, and how they like to be communicated with. This information makes it easier for brands to reach their target markets.

There’s nothing quite as effective as connecting with your customer on a personal level, since campaigns that engage consumers on issues that matter most to them are generally far more memorable.

There are multiple reasons why your client should take part in a Shoppa Show™ – not least of which is the promise of increased traction in a fickle and highly competitive market.


ProActive™ is a leading brand activation agency in South Africa and across the African continent. It offers creative solutions spanning concept development and strategy through to execution on a national and continental level.

ProActive is a division of The Provantage Media Group

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