The Ask Afrika Orange Index® celebrates its 18th year

Tuesday the 22nd of October 2019 saw the annual Ask Afrika Orange® Index 2019/2020 celebrations. Held at “The Venue” in Melrose Arch.

Where the winners of the best brands for the measuring of best practice in service delivery were announced.

In Celebrating its 18th year this year and once again providing the foundation for in-depth discussions on service trends and diagnostics in the South African corporate and consumer landscape.

The Orange Index is known for its singular breadth-measuring 31 industries and 193 companies and has been at the forefront of service bench-marking since 2001.

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Congratulations goes to the top ten customer service brands for 2019:



ABSA Short Term Insurance

Woolworths Clothing







Woolworth’s food

For more on the winners and winning images of the night. Please visit Ask Afrika’s Facebook page:

Something to practice

In conversation with the leadership of the winning brands. Ask Afrika CEO, Andrea Rademeyer, found that more and more. Leading companies are investing in the health and wellness of their employees. Showing that when you take care of your people, they take care of your customers.

Service experience is critical

Ask Afrika Managing Director Sarina De Beer highlighted that customer service experiences with brands increase only until the 6 year mark of interaction. Thereafter it has been noted that service experience starts to decrease. Much like they found with employee tenure. “Brands need to look at how they can reinvent themselves by the 6 year mark. In order to retain their relationship with their customers and to continue providing highest quality customer service”.

About the Ask Afrika Group:

Ask Afrika Group is the largest independent South African market research company. The company focuses on local relevance, benchmarked against the global context, and is also a member of European, Market Research Organisation (ESOMAR). Apart from its South African footprint, Ask Afrika Group also operates in a dozen other African countries.  

Ask Afrika Group is well known for delivering strategic and large-scale field projects and for creating benchmarks for industry. 

Target Group Index (TGI) research, for which Ask Afrika Group owns the South African copyright, has an annual single source sample of 15 000 locally and 800 000 globally. It has a global geographic coverage of 70 markets, and measures services, products, media, and brands. Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and TGI is already used by the majority of Top 50 advertisers and media owners in South Africa. TGI complements local and global currencies. It has various integrated software modules and offers the most comprehensive insights into demographics, behaviour, product and brand use and attitudes.

The Ask Afrika Groups’ exclusive product suite includes the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Trust Barometer™, TGI, Ask Afrika ICON Brands™ and Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands, the Digital Barometer and Gateway. Ask Afrika is known for its exceptional service delivery and innovation.