Obey your mouth and you shall be set Freeeee!


Introducing South Africa’s newest chocolate bar, Cadbury 5Star. Released with a cool television commercial which delivers a humourous and mind-liberating, sensorial takeover. Brought to you by Mondelez South Africa and issued on behalf of Plato Communications.

A little about the advertisement.

Aiming to depict the larger-than-life personality of Cadbury 5Star. The commercial captures that awkward moment where a young graduate, in the middle of delivering her valedictory speech, suddenly gets interrupted by her own mouth craving a full-on chocolaty, caramelly, chewylicious taste experience.

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Readers an view the commercial here: Cadbury 5Star Chocolate experience

The reasoning.

“When you’re craving a chocolate bar, it’s not your brain that makes the decision, it’s your mouth that tells you what it needs, often at a time when you least expect it. So for the launch of the television commercial we wanted to bring this truism to life.” says Gabi Bernstein, Strategic Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather South Africa.” As such, we created a runaway mouth that has a mind and a mood of its own, and can only be quelled by the new Cadbury SStar.”

Who made the ad?

Produced and directed by Plank Film Productions along with Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, the commercial is apparently linked to a targeted campaign designed to speak to the Generation Z consumers. A claimed fast-moving, tech savvy generation who are born into a world of instant gratification. According to Ogilvy, the commercial is a tongue-in-cheek dramatisation of the unique craving that you get from the chocolate experience.

“In the same way, we echo the commercial’s expressive tagline, ‘Obey your mouth and you shall be set Freeeee!’ We hope it will inspire young South Africans to liberate their senses by drawing inspiration from a Cadbury 5Star chocolate,” says Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

To get a taste of the Cadbury 5Star experience they are available at select stores nationwide. Or follow them on snapchat using CadburySStarSA or like them on https://www.facebook.com/CadburySStarSA .