Windhoek Beer halts production…in a bold show of no compromise

Windhoek Beer’s new campaign has left the words “Don’t compromise” on everyone lips. The brands uncompromising determination to brew Pure Beer, no matter the circumstances, is highlighted in its new integrated campaign based on true events. The passionate story is centred around how the award-winning brand took a bold choice to close its brewery in the 1930s, when the quality ingredients required weren’t available, rather than compromise on its quality promise.

An engaging TVC transports consumers back to a time when the passionate craftsmen at the Windhoek Beer Brewery, unable to source all three of the essential ingredients being the finest European Malted Barley, Bavarian Hallertauer Hops and the purest of water – halted production and decided to wait instead of compromising on their passion for brewing a quality pure beer.

Dana Katz, Windhoek Beer Marketing Manager says, “This true and powerful story is a testament to Windhoek’s commitment to brewing 100% pure beer. By bringing a part of our history to life and sharing this tale of dedication, integrity and passion; we give our drinkers a small glimpse into the lengths the Windhoek brand will go to deliver on our quality promise. Adopting a “No compromise” attitude is not always easy – it requires an unwavering commitment to never taking shortcuts – no matter what the consequence. The new campaign connects with our consumers based on a set of shared values and encourages them to never compromise on quality – both in life and in their choice of beer.”

The television commercial, conceptualised and created by The Jupiter Drawing Room (CT), is currently live and can be viewed on SABC 1, 2, 3, eTV, Kyknet and Mzansi. The TVC is also available digitally on Windhoek’s YouTube page as well as the official Windhoek website.

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The integrated campaign also extends to digital platforms where the extended version of the TVC as well as other forms of creative engagement pieces will be shared. In addition, BTL trade activations will take place in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal to re-enforce the ‘Don’t Compromise’ message through an innovative and engaging activation called “The Pure Beer Detector”.

Windhoek has always been brewed according to the 500 year old Reinheintsgebot brewing tradition (German Purity Laws of 1516) and upholds this method of brewing even today. Follow Windhoek Beer on Facebook.


The Reinheitsgebot is the original German Beer Purity law, first decreed by Duke Wilhelm II in 1516. It stated that a beer may only contain malted barley, hops and water. This is what makes Windhoek 100% Pure – and it is a brewing ethos that Windhoek brew masters stick to, without compromise. It’s an ethos that stands for an unwavering commitment to quality in Windhoek Draught, Windhoek Lager and Windhoek Light. Even though there are cheaper, faster ways to brew beer, Windhoek follows the way of the Reinheitsgebot no matter what.


Director: Marc Sidelsky

Executive Producer: Peter Carr
Producer: Chanelle Critchfield

The Jupiter Drawing Room (CT):

Creative Head: Andrew Lang
Creative Director: Kate Royce
Art Director: Robert Prinsloo
Copywriter: Kate Royce
Producer: Lauren Trevelyan
Business Unit Director: Nicola Davenport
Senior Account Manager: Michaela Sheinbar