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The new PAMS 4 WAY FUSION contains an unprecedented 953 909 612 data points, making it an essential tool for media decision-makers wanting to glean insights into how local consumers are interacting with media and how they are making their buying decisions. 

Understanding how local consumers are navigating the rapid evolution of our media landscape has been a major challenge for media decision-makers. To assist them, the Publishers Research Council (PRC) pioneered the first media research fusion in 2018, combining the PAMS (Publisher Audience Measure Survey) and CPS (Consumer Panel Services) datasets. 

Now, in a ground-breaking collaboration with the Broadcast Research Council (BRC), the PRC is launching the new fit-for-purpose four-way fusion of PAMS, TAMS, CPS and DCS (Digital Consumer Survey). Using this technique of integrating multiple data sources, places South Africa at the forefront of global media research. Combining longitudinal data (actual behavioural data tracked over time), such as the Nielsen CPS and TAMS , with media focussed studies results in a more accurate and detailed picture of the consumer’s habits.

The launch zoom webinar offers:

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Expert and entertaining speakers

The speaker line up comprises international and local media research luminaries:

  • Josephine Buys, CEO, Publishers Research Council
  • Gary Whitaker, CEO, Broadcast Research Council
  • Jonathan Wells, Senior Vice President Data Science – Media International, Nielsen Watch 
  • Peter Langschmidt, Research Consultant, Publishers Research Council

Educational and illuminating topics

Attendees will be:

  • Updated on the global developments in data science from Nielsen’s Global Technology and Innovation Center in Tampa, Florida.
  • Introduced to Fusion 2020 through a brief technical background
  • Taken though demonstrations of the kinds of insights that are to be found in this treasure trove of data e.g. a day-in-the-life media usage portrait, how consumers respond to advertising on different platforms, which devices people prefer for which purposes, how simultaneous media consumption is taking place, how digitized is the South African market, who is winning the streaming war in South Africa.

Fusion 2020 is a robust and reliable single source of information that now gives media decision-makers and marketers the opportunity to answer many of the questions that have been keeping them awake at night. The fusion of these four surveys provides them with a new, widely expanded and integrated view of the South African market. Both the PRC and BRC work diligently to provide local media decision makers with objective, transparent and credible measurement surveys and to keep abreast of research developments. The partnership between the PRC and BRC has facilitated this truly innovative approach to media research; it will undoubtedly make for smarter and more informed media decisions, improving advertiser ROI.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how Fusion 2020 can assist you to make better media decisions; reserve your virtual seat for 12:00 on Wednesday 18 November 2020 now at