Enter the ‘battle of the bulge’ with ADreach

Street pole company ADreach aligns itself with health and wellness by partnering with Rejuve in a weight-loss competition for the industry.

ADreach, has partnered with wellness company Rejuve for what the company calls, a first-of-its-kind challenge – The Rejuve Biggest Loser Challenge. Companies are invited to take on their rivals in a competition worth R 50 000 in Street Pole Ads to the winning company.

Companies enter by sending an email toBLC@rejuve.co.zaorsms the word FAT to 32026.
Once their agency is signed up, personnel are put on a fitness program and healthy diet in a bid to lose more collective weight than competing companies.

“ADreach has grown to become an integral part of leading brands’ marketing mix, especially in the age where digital media and call to action campaigns have become even more relevant,” commented a company spokesperson. “The Rejuve Biggest Loser Challenge is another way ADreach is showing its commitment to improving the marketing landscape.”

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Rejuve will create the weight-loss plan required.